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The last few months have been a strange one for me, I am not going to lie to you guys they have been some of the hardest weeks. My life took a bit of an unexpected turn (hello plot twist I did not think was going to happen. OH LIFE). At times I have felt very broken, I would love to open up about this properly but right now I am just not ready. I think for me I am on a bit of a journey of healing, keeping myself super busy and travelling loads. You know the usual Natalie solution to all my problems, get on a plane ha.

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But when the next part of my exciting Wolford partnership came up I got to style and try the new AW17 collection which was made to make you feel powerful and want to dance like nobody is watching. The next element was the whole concept for their SS18 Icon story which was about empowering women. The story is dedicated to women Wolford find inspiring. I love many of these idols including Debbie Harris, Janis Joplin, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and Meryl Streep who are just some of the wonderful ladies who inspired this collection. They are all such strong amazing women.

However after such a tough period I want to bring my inspiration closer to home and talk about my very own super women in my life. My friends.

When life gets tough it’s been my friends who have shone through. They have been my rocks, my shoulders to cry on, the people who dropped everything to be there for me when I needed them most. It’s funny isn’t it how sometimes the darkest periods can show you just how lucky you are.

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So this is just a little message out there to anyone struggling with something, anyone who thinks they are alone. You are not, you are loved more than you realise. Sometimes things may seem like they can’t and won’t get better, but trust me they can and they will. No one can tell you how long that process will take, its different for everyone and every circumstance. I can’t wave a magic wand and erase the pain but without my friends this whole process would of been a lot harder. So here’s to our friends, the family we choose and the people who are there always no matter what.

So when Wolford asked me what inspired me, who are my role models and rocks. I said my friends, my girls who I am so so blessed to have around me. Just a few words below which sum them up along with the amazing icons Wolfords collection is based on.


Strong but fragile




Beautiful Souls

Then finally a thank you to the Wolford AW17 collection which made me feel so powerful, strong, rock and roll but feminine all in one. The beautiful bodysuits are from their new AW17 collection which is dropping in store this month. If there was ever a time for power dressing and dancing the night away which is great for the soul this is it for me so thank you Wolford for making me feel strong again, especially in the BEAUTIFUL pearl net body (which comes with matching tights I mean hello). Wolford you have done it again, you really are the Rolls Royce of hosiery.

To shop Wolfords beautiful pieces click here or see their Instagram here 

Photos by Kat’s Films shot at the beautiful Artists Residence London.

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