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Med Sailors Croatia

Just the other week I was boarding a plane on my way to Croatia with bloggers Emily Valentine, Olivia Cox and photographer KatsFilms. We were heading to Croatia for a week of sailing around the Croatian Islands on a skippered yacht with Med Sailors….and in reality none of us with any clue what to expect.

I had never been on a sailing trip or holiday of any kind so I went in literally not knowing what it was going to be like. I always find these kind of trips are the ones I end up loving the most, no expectations or pre judgements. And Med Sailors was no different!

So what is Med Sailors?

It’s a sailing holiday on a skippered yacht for 20-35 year olds. They offer a variety of destinations including Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Italy. We were on the Croatia trip and did the Dubrovnik to Split way, which is the Voyager route.

Honestly Croatia blew me away, it was the first time I have visited this beautiful country and I loved it. Each island was unique and stunning in it’s own way, the sea is pretty much crystal clear everywhere you go. And the food…..I mean just damn!!! I am a big seafood fan anyways and I got my fair share on this trip. I think it was pretty up there with my favourite food I have ever eaten.

Med Sailors works out so you stay on your yacht with your skipper – someone who sails and mans the boat. I didn’t know what a skipper even was before I set foot in Croatia and not going to lie it’s a pretty intense job. They have to make sure everyone is happy, safe, having a good time and cook breakfast and lunch for us every day. On top of that sail the damn boat haha….but luckily for us our skipper was Sven the legend. What a guy, one of the tallest men alive, with a great barnet who made our trip. If anyone decides to book MedSailors who is reading this (I know a few of you were enquiring on Instagram) I would say ask for Sven if possible. He made a cracking breakfast and salads as well….told you. Legend.

So as I was saying you sail with your boat, and skipper and there were 8 of us staying on our yacht. We had a catamaran yacht which is one of the bigger styles of yacht with a big deck and nets out the front making it perfect for sunbathing (essential tan topping up). You sail for seven days and breakfast and lunch is made for you each day. You have daily swim stop offs in picturesque locations and options to swim, paddleboard you name it. Then each evening you dock at a new island and get to explore.

Dinners are recommended and booked by your skipper and you tend to go out for dinner with your yacht, and the other yacht will all go to the same restaurant. There are around 5 yachts doing the same route as you which make it a sociable group as all the boats tend to eat out together and party/drink together in the evenings.

So in case this is sounding right up your street I thought I would share what a typical day looked like for us on this trip:

  • Wake up and have breakfast around 8/8.30
  • Breakfast was normally fresh bread, boiled eggs, granola, yoghurt, fresh coffee etc
  • Then we would set sail to our next location
  • Swim stop – where we would get out the paddleboards and inflatables and swim in the sea. These were my favourite moments in the day. A true water baby.
  • Then we would have lunch made by Sven – normally a salad or pasta dish, always fresh and tasty.
  • Sail to our next destination – the journeys were my time to get out a magazine and sunbathe.
  • Anchor up / dock at our new island alongside the other Med Sailor yachts.
  • Get ready for the evening – most islands had showers to get ready at or you could get ready on the yacht.
  • Dinner
  • Depending on the islands we would either come back and chill on our boat with the rest of the crew or go for drinks and to a bar on the island. (depending how tired and sociable we were feeling)

What was great about this trip is it’s the kind of trip where you make it what you want. If you want to go out lots, drink and party a bit there is totally that side to it. But if you fancy more of the sunbathing, relaxing and exploring holiday then that’s possible as well. Or you can do both, there is no set agenda. It’s your trip and what you make of it which is what makes it so special.

Also I loved how each island was so unique, my favourite was Korcula which was honestly just stunning. Beautiful buildings and the food was delicious. According to Sven it is the most romantic city in Europe…although not entirely convinced that is an actual fact. It was pretty enough to believe that though.

I also loved Mljet as it’s where the national parks are based, you can grab a bike and ride to the lakes and go for a dip. It’s breathtaking, but be warned when they say it’s an easy bike ride…the lied. It killed me but was totally worth it!

Now for a quick bit of real talk, yes you are staying on a yacht which sounds glamorous and sometimes it was. I loved our boat and crew and it was honestly such an amazing experience. However the living accommodation is small and the bedrooms are very very warm. It’s just a heads up, you are living on a boat so the reality is its small and very warm. But once you have accepted and embraced that you will love your house on water for the week #BoatLife.

I had the most amazing week with Med Sailors and loved exploring the beautiful Croatia. Travelling by yacht around the islands meant we were able to take in so much more of the culture and the islands themselves. We learnt to sail, swam everyday in the sea, ate local seafood and explored national parks. I left feeling content, happy and like I had explored Croatia well and truly. This trip was like none other I had done and was so unique and different from your standard ‘holiday’. So thanks Med Sailors for having us and for what was an unforgettable week!

For more about MedSailors and the different routes, yachts and countries they offer head to their website HERE.

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