For the days you just don’t wanna go outside…


The whole of January amiright?!

If you are like me and struggling to get out of bed and back into the routine of working out. Not helped by the dark mornings, cozy beds and very chilly temperatures.

I always find January a little slower for me, it takes me a while to ease my way back into life again. There’s no point me rushing and forcing myself to jump straight back into everything all guns blazing. Especially when the snooze button is so damn convenient right?

I am not really down for the whole New Year new me mindset when it comes to January. For me health and fitness is something that is part of my life all year round.But everyone is different so whatever goal setting or mindset works for you do that….just do you! For me some months I am more motivated, some months life, travelling and socialising gets in the way. But I do always try and make time for my workouts. This is mainly down to my mindset. I feel so much happier, relaxed and motivated when I am working out regularly.


My workouts are pretty varied, I love Pilates and HIIT training and often go to classes. Since being a class regular I love how varied my workouts are. But I am the same as everyone else and often find myself in a bit of a fitness rut, especially when it comes to my own workouts in the gym.

So when Vyta the personal training app contacted me I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to help mix up my workouts. I specifically wanted exercises I could do in the gym and hotel rooms for when I am travelling.

The best thing about the app is that I could book the PT to come around and train me in the comfort of my own home. They bring the equipment – think boxing gloves and pads, skipping rope, resistance bands and mini weights. You talk through your goals and aims and they build a workout around this. To be fair you can choose any location so if you  fancy a workout outside in a local park or even your office that also is a possibility. However I am feeling lazy and the idea I could roll out of bed to my workout without leaving my cosy flat was so damn appealing.


So my workout focused on glutes, abs and boxing.

I wanted glute workouts that could be done anywhere including a hotel room. So we used resistance bands (easy to pack) and mini weights (could also use a full water bottle!). The exercises were simple and effective and I felt confident that I could replicate them on my own.

Then we did some boxing rounds, focusing on technique and rounds. I LOVE boxing, I had done a few boxing classes a while back and really enjoyed them. This workout brought this love back….definitely going to be doing more boxing this year!

Finally we finished off with some core workouts, my core is pretty strong normally but these were tough and definitely pushed me more than I normally push myself.

I kinda assumed that the workout wasn’t going to be that tough (no idea why…more fool me) but actually it pushed me really hard, and doing a lot of new moves and the boxing really switched things up and I know how much I will hurt tomorrow now.

I think what’s great about the app is that you can choose your location, so whether you are wanting to gain your confidence in your workouts, mix up your routine a bit or want to focus on your technique with 1 on 1 sessions. These sessions are tailored to you and your goals. And if you are like me and wanting to ease your way back into January fitness the nicest way possible then it’s ideal.

Vyta can be downloaded from the app store and is pretty simple to use and navigate.

Check out their website here

So I am off to purchase some resistance bands and look into boxing classes….because girl needs boxing in her life again.


Natalie x

This is a paid collaboration with Vyta app but all views are my own :)


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