Girls Getaway & The Importance of Taking some Time Out

no15 great pulteney bath

There is nothing better than time with my girls, for me spending time with my best friends not only makes me feel so happy and content but I feel like its an essential part of my life and balance. I am sitting on a train home from a little girly getaway to No.15 Great Pulteney Bath. The dream trip, with the dream girl Lottie Murphy.

I am a big advocate of getting out of London and escaping every now and then, I live very central London, so get desperate for space and greenery every now and then. It’s like a little reset, I get out of the city, breathe, slow down and then come back ready to face the world again.

So this night away in Bath combined these two things, girl time, switching off and getting out of the city. Ideal.

no15 great pulteney bath

I have a blog post coming up on why exactly Bath is the perfect getaway in the UK. I feel like Bath captured my heart and there is no way I can write just one blog post on this place. In fact I might just move here and then I can have my daily dose of Bath. For now I am just going to relive this trip through blog posts and many a Instagram picture (ready for the gram spam?!!)

So now we have my newly discovered love of Bath covered let’s focus on why No 15 Great Pulteney is the ideal place to stay when visiting shall we.

Firstly I need to tell you how beautiful this hotel was, I mean the whole of Bath was pretty picturesque but Great Pulteney street was just on another level. Apparently its the grandest street in Bath, which does not surprise me one bit. No.15 Great Pulteney is a boutique townhouse hotel, it was the perfect mix of grand elegance, luxury but also homely and welcoming. I immediately fell in love with the hotel. It’s just a short stroll from the station which is ideal for a weekend away. Jump off the train, saunter through Baths beautiful streets and arrive at your destination. Perfect.

Our room was stunning, but also a nice homely cosy feel about it. As you can see from the pictures it was a lovely size, with huge windows with the most amazing views of the beautiful buildings. Looking out the windows we could of been anywhere, it almost had a Parisian feel about it. I loved the cute little details, like having a stunning dolls house with vintage inspired tea sets in. Marble bathrooms and super comfy bath robes.

no15 great pulteney bath

Ok so the location is amazing, the decor delightful and the rooms to die for….but did I mention it has a spa though?! Nope I didn’t, but am I going to tell you all about it. Yep I sure am.

So when you think your stay can’t get any better you realise their is a spa, and you book yourself in for a deep tissue massage. Life made. My poor body has been feeling pretty tight/achey at the moment so a deep tissue/sports massage is exactly what the doctor ordered. The spa like the rest of the hotel is stunning, the massage was great (painful but needed, all the knots in my back were like cya). And after the spa we were shown into the cosiest room with a fireplace and given tea. What a dream, little felt so zen! My aim for my girls getaway was to switch off, relax, de stress and enjoy Bath. And No.15Great Pulteney was giving me all the ingredients to make this the perfect stay.

Now I am sure you guys are thinking, hold up Natalie hasn’t mentioned food yet. Weird. As normally my whole life revolves around food….I was just saving the best till last. Obvs.

First off, when we were shown to our room they were like…”oh there is also a Pantry in case you want a snack or an extra drink” erm hello. It’s all included….so we popped (I mean ran straight there) our heads in and there lay a whole room with mini snacks. Think jars of brownies, flapjacks etc. A smeg fridge filled with milk, drinks etc. The dream.

Pantry aside we had dinner at the restaurant and breakfast the next day, the restaurant was fairly quiet in the evening but the fish we ate was delicious. The breakfast we ordered smoked salmon, poached eggs and brown bread and it was actually delicious, not sure what they did to the salmon but it was so damn tasty. Now if you are staying at No.15 Great Pulteney at any point in the future I recommend visiting  the bar, me and Lottie were wild and passed on alcohol for hot chocolate….because who doesn’t love hot chocolate ey?! But the cocktail list looked immense and the bar was so beautiful. So yes, go, drink cocktails…or hot chocolate. Either or, you will have a great time!

no15 great pulteney bath

So there was me thinking this would be a short and sweet blog post. LOL who am I kidding, I always end up rambling so much. But there was just so much to talk about.

Our little night away was perfection, exactly what I needed. I still swear by regular breaks away from city life for my sanity. It’s also so easy to get caught up with the whole ‘being busy’ running around life without a moment to stop and breathe. Sometimes we need to get away, even if for one night. For a little relax, unwind and pamper. Preferably with one of our best friends to a beautiful town and stay at No15 Great Pulteney. Maybe we will come back once a month?! Imagine how chilled I would be jheez.

For more information about this wonderful hotel check out their website here :)

Stay tuned for a full Bath de brief coming your way soon. I can’t promise it will be short but I can promise it will be full of amazing food, coffee and buildings.

Lots of love,

Natalie x

no15 great pulteney bath no15 great pulteney bath no15 great pulteney bathno15 great pulteney bath

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