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I will think you’ll agree that the world is a weird place at the moment. If anything the last few months have taught me to hold tighter to the people we love, fight harder for what we believe in, take joy in the small everyday things in life that gives us happiness.

So therefore that in mind I decided to make a list of the things in my life that make me happiest. Because sometimes we need to do more of these things or just need a little reminder.


  • I am a broken record when it comes to my love of travel. But it’s the same story, I love exploring, opening my mind and seeing new places. Each trip and experience you grow as a person. I recently went to Italy and it was probably one of the most magical trips, I felt like I was in a movie. We rented a boat for the day, explored hidden beaches, swam in the clearest waters and ate the best food I’ve ever eaten. Those few days in Italy will be in my memory forever and that’s what travel does for you, creates beautiful memories.

The Ocean

  • Something about the sea and looking at or being in the ocean makes me feel so peaceful and content. The vastness and beauty always brings me right back down to earth and the reality of how small we are on this planet. If I am ever feeling stressed or anxious and I go to the sea or beach I know I will instantly feel calm and clear again. Water baby through and through.

Cups of tea

  • From exotic travels back down to life’s necessities like tea. I’m tea obsessed, it makes me feel at home, comforted and solves all of life’s problems. Need a serious chat, about to watch a film, feeling stressed. You name it tea helps.

Long phone calls with my mum about life.

  • In fact I ring my mum almost daily. Sometimes just to word vomit down the phone to her, other times to ask advice, tell her a funny story, update her on my life. Anything goes, she is one of my best friends and I’ll be ringing her all the time until I’m an old lady no matter whether she likes it or not.

My people

  • My friends are like an extended family to me. I feel like as you grow older you realise that your circle decreases in size but increases in quality. I feel so lucky to of meet such amazing humans who put up with my continuous chatter, love of brunch and addiction to avocado. They are there for me whenever and are my rocks. You know who you are and I love every one of you!
  • Following on from this, I think a more general one around people. As you get older and mature you learn that who you surround yourself with is crucial to your happiness. I only want to surround myself with positive amazing people who make me, my life and my soul better. I am lucky that I have found these people. Once you do, never let them go.


  • Now I’m aware I’ve fully embraced the Instagramer cliche of that brunch life. With a side of avo and marble because durh. But in all seriousness brunch gives me all the feels. I love a lazy weekend brunch with my friends watching the world go by over some avocado on toast with poached eggs a good coffee and more often than not sharing some pancakes. That for me is bliss hands down.


  • Chocolate gives me life, in fact I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Therefore I will never deprive myself of it. I will eat chocolate most days and it brings me a lot of happiness. Girl loves herself a bar of chocolate!


  • For me exercise is for my mind. It’s my de – stress, switch off period. My forget about the world time. I’m happiest when I’m working out regularly, so therefore it’s a non negotiable. I used to workout purely for “looking good” now I workout for feeling good. There’s a huge difference.

Pamper time

  • I love doing a few things a week that give me some me time. My favourite being a good face mask, candle on, (love island on tv….I’m obsessed don’t judge) and just breathe.

Going home to my family

  • Something I don’t do enough. My parents house is like my haven it’s like a personal UK based retreat. Countryside bliss, fresh air.

So there you have it, a little list of some of the things that make me pretty damn happy. Big, small doesn’t matter find those people, things, rituals whatever it is that makes you feel happier and brings a smile to your face and treasure those things. We all need more happiness in our life right?

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