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LA the land of green smoothies, soul cycle, hiking and general fitness queens.

So naturally on our LA trip we tried to fit in the odd bit of fitness when we could. I am a self confessed hiking lover so the thought of the epic hikes in the LA sunshine just called my name.

I have done a few blog posts on my LA trip but I thought I would do a quick little round up of the fitness side, some classes and some epic recommendations. Realise its been a few months since I was in LA….but your girl has been busy (probably just procrastinating lets be honest) and I have been meaning to write a mini round up FOR AGES. So here it goes..

la fitness

So let’s start with hiking shall we?

Sadly we didn’t get to hike as much as I would of liked purely down to time. But we did the Griffith Observatory which I really recommend was just beautiful and felt like you had stepped into Lala land. The views were pretty epic as well. Check out these photos! I would recommend getting their early before it gets to busy. Also yes its technically a ‘hike’ but its not an epic workout only took about half an hour to the top. But still I would definitely give it a go….and the views make it worth it.

la fitness la fitness

The other hike we were meant to do but sadly didn’t have the time for was Run Canyon, this one is a lot longer and harder. Everyone said we should try and fit it in, sadly time wasn’t on our side but if I go back to LA I will 100% do this hike. So add it to your list!

la fitness


Now we can’t go to LA and not go to Soul Cycle amirght?! I knew I needed to check this class out no matter what. It’s like the queen of spin classes!! I dragged Lucy (kicking and screaming with the promise of brunch) to the Beverly Hills class. I loved it, its probably one of the best spin classes I have ever been too. So much energy, went so quickly and I left feeling on cloud 9. Seriously sweaty fun workout, I get the hype.

la fitness

Next on the list was The Class by Taryn Toomey marketed as a athartic fitness experience. Through simple, repetitive calisthenics and plyometrics, participants challenge the body to engage the mind. The studio was on Abbot Kinney and was a stunning well lit space, the class was super hard. Lots of body weight workout moves to the beat of the music. There was a mix of almost meditation and mindfulness throughout. We were encouraged to let go of any stress or tension through dance, movement, shaking our bodies. It felt like we were moving for a purpose, moving with our minds. I loved it, it was magical. And my butt ached for days after.

la fitness la fitness

Purely down to time and being on a super tight schedule we could only do those classes. But here are a few other classes we were recommended by LA locals.

Wanderlust Hollywood for yoga – beautiful location and apparently fantastic classes and teachers

And another yoga class recommended by a few people was Yoga Salt 

If you get a chance to check either of these out do let me know :)

la fitness la fitness la fitness

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