My Four Year Relationship with Running and New Goals.

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A few months ago I shared with you all my running story, when my breakthrough running moment was and what running meant to me. It was really incredible to look back at where my relationship with running began and where I am now. My first EVER long run was with Nike in Paris and it was such a pivotal moment for me, so when they asked me to share my story it felt like the perfect narrative.

Now rewind the clock a bit – Running for me has been a regular part of my life now for so many years. I personally don’t do it for speed or PBs I have always and will always run for my mind. I mentioned before that I am someone who may run regularly but that doesn’t mean I find running easy, nope quite the contrary I find it pretty hard and often struggle with my runs. But I keep going, why? Because it helps me switch off like nothing else, the feeling I get after ‘the post run high’ I can’t top.

Nike Epic React Trainers

So what have always been my running goals over the last few years to keep my love for running going.

  1. To run consistently, for my mind.
  2. To finish each run with a positive mindset.
  3. To run because I can and I will no matter the time or distance.

Nike Epic React Trainers

These goals have stayed with me and will stay with me probably as long as I can run. I love focusing my runs around my mindset. This all in mind, I have recently decided I wanted a little extra motivation in my running. I wanted to sign up for a run of some sorts. Preferably a 10k run in London this time (sadly no Paris) because its been FOUR whole years since my Paris 10k.

I want to celebrate 4 years of running, its like a congratulations to myself. You have gone on a run most weeks for 4 years. Yes not every run has been easy or enjoyable but you did it and how much better do you feel for it?

So I signed up for an Olympic Park 10k run in April, I am doing this with my housemate and taking it very relaxed. I am not aiming for a specific time or PB nope just want to see how I feel when I do it. I am excited that my running journey has come full swing with Nike supporting me throughout the whole thing. And also the idea of a 10k coming up in a few weeks is pretty damn motivating not going to lie :)

For me my goal is to run the 10k and do the whole thing with a positive mindset, I want to enjoy the run. When I ran the Paris 10k I pushed my body to do something I didn’t think I could. I was so damn proud of myself, and the post running high was insane. I will go back to this feeling when I want to stop whilst running the London 10k.

Nike Epic React Trainers

My running trainer of choice is the new Nike Epic React, helping support me through my weekday runs and my 10k Olympic Park run. The first time I tried the Nike Epic Reacts I loved them, they are lightweight, soft and pretty damn bouncy offering me the perfect support for my running. Literally like running on a cloud…..Nike Epic Reacts gives you wings (nice ring to it right. Plus they are so damn pretty, and the prettier the trainers the better your run….definitely made that up but could so be true.

Nike Epic React Trainers Ok so now I have my 10k booked I will be upping my running distance a little when doing my midweek run. I know more than anyone how hard it is to motivate yourself to get running. So I thought I would make a list of my tips on how I stay make running fun and stay motivated.

  • Find a running partner – runs are aways more fun with a friend right
  • Choose a route thats pretty/looks good as distraction – I love running by the canals!
  • Write your runs in the diary – if its in the diary you can’t cancel right?!
  • Go for brunch after – food motivates me more than anything so I mean scheduling breakfast or brunch after is a sure fire way of making sure I do the run!
  • Sign up to a run club if it motivates you to run in a group
  • Get some good running tunes or podcasts to listen too – forever distracting myself with a great podcast or running playlist, it just makes time go so much faster.
  • Get some new/pretty trainers – trust me it makes you want to go out and run. The Nike Epic Reacts make the perfect chic running companion.

Photos by the amazing @byollieb

This post is in collaboration with Nike for the launch of their Nike Epic Reacts but all thoughts and views are my own. Shop my outfit below.

Nike Epic React Trainers
Nike Epic React Trainers
Nike Epic React Trainers Nike Epic React Trainers
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