My Gili T Guide

gilli t guide

I LOVED my trip to Gili T, if anything I wish we had longer to explore and go to the other islands as well. Gili T is magical, the people were so friendly and welcoming. It’s not as touristy as Seminyak and Ubud and is much more what I imagined Bali life to be like. If you are planning a trip to Bali I would recommend taking the time to go to Gilli T for a few nights then explore Gili M and Air which are quiet untouched versions. I went thinking I wasn’t going to enjoy Gili T but in fact I loved it. I lost all concept of time, wore a bikini every day, swam in the sea and truly embraced island life. And in my opinion it doesn’t get much better than that.

Now I may of loved Gili T but the bit no one tells you about is that the boat journey is not pleasant. In any way…. the picturesque images on the gram fail to mention that at the port on the way its crazy. Not going to lie you feel a bit like your cattle being herded. It’s chaos, but totally worth it. I just went into a little bubble and pictured myself somewhere else, one of those thing you just gotta do breathe relax meditate….do whatever you gotta do to get you through it.

Travel Tips

We booked our travel with Ganggari fast boat who picked us up from Seminyak in a bus and we got the boat there and back with. My tip…haggle the price down they will come down. Don’t let anyone help you with your luggage at the port they try and charge you!

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Gilli T

The island itself is known as being a party island, which gives it a bit of a bad rep I think. To be honest like any place it’s what you make it, if you want to party you have all the opportunity there is a main part section which is the East side of the island. We avoided this bit and stayed more central at Villa Ottolias which were quiet little jungle style villas with private pools. Nice little bit of luxury on the island. You get free bike hire, I can’t recommended this more. Get on a bike, ride around the whole island and explore. It took us an hour to cycle around the whole thing, we stumbled across so many amazing beaches.

gilli t

Gilli T Healthy Spots

Have to remember that this is a little island so it’s not quite there in terms of brunch and healthy options as Bali but we did pretty well at finding some good spots!

Banyan Tree Cafe

  • Best breakfast, great wifi (it’s pretty rubbish on the island) loved the coffee and lots of healthy options. We got the smoothie bowls I got the banana peanut and a iced latte with cashew milk my friends ordered the chia pudding and the berry smoothie bowl. But I also saw some epic looking avocado on toast. Not bad for a little island ey.

banyan tree cafe gilli t

Pituq Cafe

  • I’d heard good things about this place and it’s location and seating area is so cute very jungle chilled vibes. We got there and there was no electricity…island life ey! So no smoothies but we ordered a salad and a fruit platter with peanut and cacao dipping sauces which tasted great. They do great raw desserts FYI the raw snickers was insane!

Kayu cafe

  • Again good smoothie bowls, quite small portions and fairly basic but has good air con…trust me this is minimal on the island and after cycling around a lot you will rejoice in a cool cafe. We tried the Berry smoothie bowls and they came toppled with cranberries and granola and were tasty but not mind blowing. Worth trying out though and fairly cheap.

Hart coffee lane

  • Gilli T isn’t known for coffee like Bali but this little shop does a good coffee so if your a coffee snob this is the spot for you

Now I don’t just eat breakfast (shock) we weren’t there for ages but we found an absolute gem of a place. Casa Vintage which is the cutest little beach bar and restaurant. Honestly so picturesque it’s right by the sea with hammocks and swings and fairy lights. They play chilled music and the staff are so friendly. The food and drink is delicious and fairly well priced. One of my favourite spots from my whole Bali trip so I recommend it! We got a hummus sharing platter with veg to start and then I got a falafel wrap for mains which honestly was mind blowing. My friends got the vegan stew which was so so tasty and we heard great things about the cous cous salad. Oh and you have to try their Oreo cheesecake, it will blow your mind.

casa vintage gilli t

What to do on Gilli T

  1. Get bikes, explore, cycle around the island, stop off at the beaches, switch off your phone and enjoy island life.
  2. Snorkel with turtles, we were told to go to the north side of the island and we paid about £1 each to rent snorkels for a few hours.
  3. Watch the sunset on the beach, I would recommend heading to Casa Vintage – when we went there it was around 6.30 the sunset so we got to dinner for 5.30 and chilled and had plenty of time to watch it go down. The sea is just magical when it’s sunset!
  4. Do yoga at the Yoga Place – I didn’t have time to do this but my friend did and I’ve heard it’s great yoga and delicious cheap healthy food!
  5. Explore the food scene – my top cafes are listed above, I think its important to remember that Gilli T is a tiny island so don’t go expecting city brunch standards. But The Banyan tree had a great breakfast menu and did avocado on toast, chia seeds, almond and cashew milk and raw cakes. So I mean I was in breakfast heaven.

natalie glaze gilli t

Where to stay on Gilli T

We stayed at Villa Ottalia they also have villas on Gilli Air and M. They are really cute, clean, quiet the staff friendly and helpful and the pools are so welcoming. Thoroughly enjoyed staying there and after the hectic journey there we were so thankful to have our own villa and pool.  Breakfast is included but it was quite basic so would suggest going and exploring the island for food instead. It was also very pretty and like a little slice of jungle paradise! It’s quite near the mosques and they have a call to prayer a few times a day. One at 5.30am….but its a tiny island so you do hear it in most places but just as an FYI if you stay at Villa Ottalia. They are beautiful and peaceful villas but the call to prayer is pretty loud. Was fine though we just fell straight to sleep.

I also vlogged my whole experience which will be uploading that soon so make sure you go check it out and subscribe for all my travel videos!

Natalie x

gilli t guide

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