My Long Haul Flight Must Haves

long haul travel essentials

Over the last few months I have had my fair share of flights, some of these have been long haul (queue 19 hours on a plane!!). With plenty more trips on the pipeline I thought I would share with you guys a few little things I swear by….

  1. Kiehls Cactus flower mist face spray – anyone else find that planes literally suck out all hydration from your skin? It can leave you looking tired and lack lustre. Well that was me until I discovered a few beauty essentials which I now can’t live without. First and fore mostly this Kiehls cactus flower hydration spray which is quite honestly life changing!! It smells amazing and sinks straight into my skin leaving it feeling refreshed and hydrated. A travel must have.
  2. Origins drink up intensive face mask – which also comes in a handy travel sized bottle as well….perfect for hand luggage. I have a little skincare routine when I fly. I take my makeup off if I am wearing any. Spritz my face with Kiehls hydration mist spray (linked above). Then I cover my face in the drink up intensive mask. Its a light see through formula which sinks straight in so goes un-noticed. This combination keeps my skin hydrated and refreshed for when I get off the plane.
  3. Origins SPF Vitazing energy boosting tinted moisturiser – this moisturiser is a life saver for me when I get off a plane and I need a little skin pick me up. It’s natural tint means you look alive and gives you that dewy healthy glow. Another brilliant Origins product I swear by.
  4. Holistic Silk Lavender Eye mask – I have always had issues sleeping and on planes this is no different. So one thing I have in my hand luggage no matter what is this Holistic Silk lavender eye mask which smells beautiful and feels so luxurious on my eyes. The lavender smell is instantly calming and I can’t fly without it.
  5. Happy Plugs marble earphones – I always had my headphones in when I fly, whether this be to watch a film, block out noise whilst I work, listen to relaxing music to help me sleep you name it headphones are flying must haves. I have yet to invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones but I am currently loving my marble happy plugs. I know what you are thinking, marble headphones…who even knew! Trust me if its marble I will find it. And that’s a fact.
  6. Water….water and then more water – literally can’t stress this enough and even I have to force myself to drink water on flights as I know how important it is to keep hydrated. I also know how easy it is to forget to drink enough/get distracted by a good film or something. This palm tree print Swell bottle is my fave travel water bottle. Because lord knows I love a palm print…
  7. Bon Air large hard case suitcase by American Tourister nothing like a stylish suitcase to make your travels that bit better. I love my navy American Tourister one. My last suitcase broke in Dubai and I realised it was about time I invested in a better quality one seeing as I spend a fair amount of time on planes right. And it’s super light so if you are like me and often overpack then its pretty darn handy.

Natalie x

long haul travel essentials

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