My Running Story.


Breakthrough – “A verb referring to what athletes do, athletes break through speed and running barriers”

Now I am no athlete, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a breakthrough running story to tell. So when Nike asked me to share my running story with you all I knew exactly where to begin.

So let’s start at the very beginning of my running journey, I have been running regularly (I mean once a week so let’s not go crazy) for about 5 years now. I  wouldn’t call myself a natural runner in any shape I do run and that’s all that matters.

I run because I like the post run feeling.

I run because it switches me off.

I run for my mind.


It’s funny that Nike approached me to share my breakthrough running story, because they have been a big part of my running journey. When I first started my blog many moons ago Nike actually took me to Paris to run a 10k, which may I add was the furthest I had EVER ran (blog post here). I had just got into running weekly with my housemate but we did a quick 4k run once a week and that was it. So for me the Paris 10k was a big goal and kinda scared me. I had done no prep and the day came and I ran the 10k along with the Nike girls. I would love to tell you I sailed through, ran a really good speed and loved every second. But that would be me lying to y’all. It was tough, I struggled, didn’t run it quickly and half way through I was like ‘Nat why did you say yes to this’. BUT that said the achievement I felt after was amazing, I pushed my body to do something I didn’t think I could. I was so damn proud of myself, and the post running high was insane. And let’s not forget the important part…..the run itself was beautiful, I saw parts of Paris I had never seen before. Sightseeing on a whole other level.

Now this doesn’t sound much but that run changed my whole perspective on running, my mindset altered. I knew that if I put my mind to something I could do it, I wanted to stop but I didn’t. I learnt on that run how it feels to push myself out of my comfort zone and just how rewarding that can feel.

So no word of a lie I have gone on a run every week since that race. I run every week with my housemate, normally a Monday night as who wants to go to a sweaty gym on a Monday. No thanks hun. And then my second favourite running spot is my parents house, you may of seen on my Instagram but they live in pure countryside bliss. Think middle of no where, ‘The Holiday’ vibe. I run and zone out completely and it’s dreamy. I never run far on these runs, for me it’s not about the distance it’s just about getting out there, putting my headphones in and just getting in the zone. If I do feel like I am struggling and want to stop I often come back to the Paris run and think about the fact I ran that 10k although my mind wanted to stop.


So this post isn’t a standard running post to tell you all to go out there and run crazy long distances and beat your personal PBs (Nothing wrong with that might I add). No this is a running post from someone who finds running hard, often struggles but I wanted to share a little story about my running history. My goal isn’t a distance or speed orientated goal, nope for me it’s about my mind. Pushing myself further than my comfort zone, having a consistent weekly run in which helps me switch off.

I am writing this a few days after world mental health day, and although this is a whole other ball park I just thought I would say that running has helped me through some really tough times. It’s like my therapy and the post running buzz is enough to keep me going.

So I have had a little think about my running goals, and here are a few:

To run consistently, for my mind.

To finish each run with a positive mindset.

To run because I can and I will no matter the time or distance.

My trainers are the Nike Zoom Fly and are super lightweight and make for the perfect running partner.

This post is in collaboration with Nike but all thoughts and views are my own. Shop my outfit below.


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