The Beauty Lies In How You Tell The Story

Wolford 3W Skin Bra

Blogging for me is often a lot like storytelling, you start with a creative idea and then you come up with ways to tell the story through words and images. This is what excites me about this world, what keeps me motivated and feeling creative. I love the opportunity to create create something uniquely me.

At the beginning of the year I set myself a target, that this year I was going to up my game with my content. My Instagram is a place where I can share beautiful images, it’s a place I can unleash my inner photographer/creative. I love when brands say to me, ‘we love your Instagram because you always have such beautiful content’. It’s always such a proud moment getting your hard work recognised. Every blogger is different and unique which is why the industry is so interesting. One product or location can be told in such different ways by every blogger.

This is why I love it when a brand approaches me for a campaign or collaboration and they say “we want you to help us tell a story”. Or portray our brand in your own creative way and trust me to create content that reflects me. These are the most exciting projects, a blank canvas to put my own creative spin on.

This is exactly what happened when Wolford approached me…now you may of heard of Wolford as it’s a name that’s been around for many years, if not you I am pretty sure your mum or grandmother will have. But if not, fear not that’s what I am here to tell you. Established in 1950 Wolford have been the go to luxury tights and more recently bodywear and lingerie brand. They pride themselves on offering customers an unforgettable experience. Partnering 15 years ago with names such as Valentino, Pucci, Kenzo, Missoni they are exclusive, high end, well made and well renowned for creating beautiful, classic pieces which are a staple for every woman’s wardrobe. My mum has always worn Wolford tights and before her her mum did….talk about a brand with history.

This is one of the many reasons I was so excited to work with them, not only have they been a staple in my families wardrobe. But they also do classic, simple, well made pieces many of the capsule basics which are the perfect wardrobe essentials. Not only do they pride themselves in being innovative in design and engineering, they also think and operate in a sustainable way and care about the environment. Which is something I LOVE in a brand. Whether or not you agree I believe our world is a beautiful precious one which we should be taking care of and trying to live in a more sustainable way.

So what does being a member of the Wolford tribe mean for me and them? It means we both stand for and share the belief of female strength, ingenuity in design and dedication to sustainability. And that is something I can 100% get on board with.

The main piece I am focusing on is their new 3W Skin Bra, focused around the concept of one bra, made from one piece of fabric, which is beautifully versatile. This bra for me is the perfect basic bra which can be worn from day to night. Not only that but yoga, pilates, hiking you name it this bra works for it. Which is my kind of bra.

Now it’s time for me to tell that story, in my own way. This story is one I am proud of, and seeing the story unfold from ideas scrawled on a bit of paper, to styling outfits which spoke a thousand words, to hunting for the perfect location.

Thanks Wolford for introducing me to this wonderful bra and allowing me to tell the story of your brand in my own way.

Introducing the 3W Skin Bra, beautifully versatile, worn by me in many ways.

You can find out more about Wolford and shop the 3W Skin bra HERE

Wolford 3W Skin Bra Wolford 3W Skin Bra Wolford 3W Skin Bra

Wolford 3W Skin Bra Wolford 3W Skin Bra Wolford 3W Skin Bra

Wolford 3W Skin Bra Wolford 3W Skin Bra Wolford 3W Skin Bra

This post was in partnership with Wolford but all words, views are my own. Photography by Kats Films and all styling by me.


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