The Perfect UK Escape…say hello to Bath

Bath city guide

Bath I love, Bath I do, when we are apart my heart thinks only of youuuuu (my ode to Bath, to be read in a singing voice obvs)

So I love Bath, I think you get the jist. I recently went here with my girl Lottie Murphy for a girls geteaway (read my blog post here). I had never been to Bath so not going to lie I didn’t know what to expect, I knew it would be pretty but that was about it.

But what I discovered, was a stunning town the perfect distance from London with everything you could ever need for a mini escape. Bath exudes style, elegance, beautiful architecture, classy hotels, great coffee, healthy food and amazing spas. It is a hidden little gem and has everything you need for a little UK trip.

Bath city guide

London is fantastic don’t get me wrong, I have lived here for nearly 5 years now and I still love the city. However it is SO fast paced, everything is done at speed even the way Londoners walk is fast. Everyone is in a rush/busy/stressed. So getting away for a long weekend is often necessary. A few nights away to relax, restore and come back chilled and more content.

So if this is something that sounds up your street, let me introduce you to the ideal location. Bath.

So getting to Bath from London is pretty easy, we hopped on a  Great Western Train from Paddington and were in Bath in an hour and a half. Painless. In fact me and Lottie woke up, did a workout in London, popped to Paddington grabbed breakfast then sat on the train with a coffee and pret coconut porridge with our laptops for a productive train journey….as the trains had wifi. Dream.

Then once you arrive in Bath, pretty much everything is a 10 minute walk from the station. No worry about jumping in cabs or hiring a car. Nope we got off the train and slowly meandered down to our hotel, dropped our bags then wandered around all afternoon. The buildings and roads are so beautiful its so nice to be able to walk around and just take everything in. It was quiet,  the shops weren’t heaving and everyone had a slow relaxed way about them. What a nice change.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty…I have had quite a few questions on where to eat and drink in Bath so I thought I would do a little guide below to my healthy favourites.

Where to eat:

  1. Acorn Restaurants – we had the most wonderful lunch at Acorn restaurants. This beautiful little spot has just been refurbed and the menu and location is to die for. I felt like we had a Michelin star experience. The food here is vegetarian and lots of the meals vegan. The dishes were literally exquisite! We had three courses and I couldn’t fault anything. The flavours, presentation and taste were fantastic. If anyone goes promise me you will have the chocolate and coffee dessert. It will blow your damn mind.

Bath city guide Bath city guide Bath city guide

  1. Beyond the Kale – we stumbled across this little plant based kitchen and juice bar on our explores. Clearly super popular and lots of delicious plant based food. We had salads, juices and smoothies. We even brought some raw desserts for snacks…which tasted so good we came back the day after to buy train snacks.

Bath city guide Bath city guide

Now my coffee obsession is becoming a real thing, I often research good coffee spots before I go on a trip. I asked around on Insta and everyone came up trumps. Now we didn’t have that long in Bath but if you are into coffee I seriously recommend the below places:

Society Cafe – there are two of these in Bath one small little shop and then a bigger one further into Bath. Delicious coffee and matcha, they also did oat milk which made my day. Also some amazing cake selections. A must visit!

Bath city guide

Colonna and smalls – again so many people recommended we go here. They take their coffee very seriously, lots of different blends, cool minimal decor, lovely vibe. Soya and almond milk options.

Bath city guide Bath city guide

What to do:

Bath is overflowing with amazing things to do, I don’t think we realised quite how much there was to offer. We were only there for one night and I have to say it wasn’t enough to do everything on our list. We are already planning when we can come back and I would recommend a long weekend being the perfect amount of time to explore properly. Sunday – Thursday being the quietest days including the best prices on hotels. That said  we did manage to explore a lot and do some amazing things. For example:

Thermae Bath Spa

You can’t go to Bath without going to a spa right, we woke up very early on the Friday morning and headed to straight to the Thermae Bath Spa which was just delightful. Set in the middle of Bath its a beautiful spa which combines the historic elements of Bath and modern elements. We got there early and were able to explore the spa and what it had to offer. The highlight for me being the rooftop pool which overlooked the beautiful bath buildings. Such a breathtaking view!!

Bath city guide

Not only is the food, coffee and spas insane Bath is also filled with hidden gems, ranging from beautiful book shops, flower shops, concept stores. There are stunning gardens to wander around and if you fancy getting out of the centre there is the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Bath city guide

Where to stay

I have written a blog post on our stay with No15, I would recommend this hotel foshoo it was wonderful and I would go back in an instant. Full blog post here 

no15 great pulteney bath

But we all need options right, so although we didn’t get to stay here due to our short trip. Word on the grapevine is that Combe Grove is also a fantastic place to stay. If you want to stay on the outskirts of the city. Not only is it stunning but has a load of fitness/wellbeing activities and classes on offer.

I feel like we only scratched the surface of what Bath has to offer, the healthy food scene, stylish coffee shops, beautiful architecture, wide range of gardens, its the perfect getaway. And we will be returning.

This blog post is written in collaboration with Visit Bath but all views are my own :)

If you want any more detail on Bath and the amazing things on offer then visit the Visit Bath page here….:)

Lots of love Natalie x

Bath city guide Bath city guide no15 great pulteney bath

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