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If you follow me on Instagram you will know about the continuous flow of travel snaps I’ve been spamming your feed with (kinda sorry kinda not haha) I love travel you all know that. And through my blog I travel around some beautiful places and explore beautiful countries. I’ve been asked a lot recently how to take great travel pictures so I thought I’d share a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way…some of these are gold by the way so take note.

1. Lighting – is key, we all know this. Good lighting can transform your pictures. I am very sad and get very excited when the lighting is perfect because it makes such a difference. I personally find natural lighting is best I often get up earlier on trips and take a load of pictures in the morning when the light is less harsh. Then the photos are out of the way and I can chill and enjoy the day without getting my phone out. Avoid bright glaring sunlight as this isn’t flattering for anyone let’s face it. If you do want to take a picture in the middle of the day I often try and find a more shady spot to stand in so the lighting is more forgiving.

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swimwear picture guide

2. Take loads of pictures and you will find one you will like. Trust me I never get a good picture first time around I’ve got the most expressive face ever so often can take the worst picture which can be really funny but what I’ve found works is just taking loads. Whoever is behind the camera I just say keep clicking and I move, I’ll walk towards them move around smile, laugh, look towards the camera, to the side etc. Then I look through and favourite the best ones and delete all the others. Trust me just take loads!

3. Natural pictures are always the nicest. My favourite shots tend to be the ones where I’m genuinely laughing or caught of guard. Get whoever is taking the picture to crack a joke (I am a sucker for bad jokes).

4. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. I feel my best on a beach in a well cut flattering swimsuit, I found my love for one pieces recently, yes I still love a bikini but I just love how a well fitting one piece makes me feel. I know what style suits my body and if I’m taking pictures for my blog or Instagram I always lean towards a swimsuit and a good pair of sunnies.

5. Following on from the above, learn what suits your body type. Whether this is a high waisted bikini, racer cut, simple triangle cut, Brazilian bottoms, sportier style, one pieces you name it there are so many styles of swimwear you can find one that suits your shape. Also invest in a few great beach coverups!

6. Natural makeup is best. On holiday or travelling in the sun the less makeup the better. Harsh sunlight and foundation never mix well, a dewy sun kissed look always looks much better in pictures and real life. And if you don’t want to bare your face invest in some good tinted moisturiser (I love the Origins Vita Zing SPF with sheer tint for a dewy natural tint) and a pair of statement sunglasses and no one will know if you look tired or not. If you notice I’m wearing sunglasses in all my Bali pictures…..hiding my tired eyes haha.

Also in case you wondering as I have had a few questions on cameras, about 4 months ago now I decided too up my camera game and now use the Olympus EPL8 for my blog and IG photos. I still do use my iPhone camera for a lot of pictures but I love the quality and ease of using the Olympus so would 100% recommend it for a portable, lightweight camera to instantly improve your gram game.

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