Useful Tips For Making The Most of Your Bali Trip

Bali Travel Tips

Ok so this is a bit of a short and sweet blog post, but hopefully really useful if you are planning a Bali trip any time soon. Since being back from Bali I have been asked loads about any tips I have for planning a great trip. This blog post is less about where to stay and eat but more about a few really handy tips and tricks I picked up or was told which made a real difference to my trip.

Hopefully you will find these little nuggets/tips just as useful as me:

Explore – don’t stay in one area, Bali is beautiful and has so many different parts all with different vibes, so make sure you explore lots.

Enjoy – sometimes things are hectic in the main parts but Bali is a wonderful place the food is amazing and some of the places were so beautiful it blew my mind. I’m so glad we explored as much as we did and got to take in a lot of what Bali has to offer.

The Weather -we went in Feb/March and it’s very humid. There is no getting around the Bali heat, yes you’ll sweat loads but it’s just part of the experience no point fighting it just embrace!

Transport  – if you aren’t planning on doing the whole moped vibe when out in Bali. Then Blue Bird taxis will be your best friend they are on the meter and won’t rip you off.

Mozzie spray  – again not a glamorous tip but oh so necessary. Make sure you invest in a good mosquito repellent as they eat you alive out there! We used 4 small bottles of treck which is known for being super strong between 3 of us.

Sun protection The sun is strong here, I know that sounds silly but I’ve never been somewhere with such strong sun. Even if you are very tanned or have olive skin for the first few days really wack on a higher suncream than usual and don’t sit out in the sun without suncream. I know this sounds obvious but I don’t burn really and have quite olive skin but the first day I went in the pool a bit and didn’t top my suncream up that much and my forehead literally fried! So it was factor 50 on my face for the rest of the trip and factor 20 everywhere else and topping up all the time.

bali healthy guideOutfit details: shorts by Levis and swimsuit by Wanderlust Bali

Bali Travel Tips

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