An Interview With Georgie Cleeve Founder of Oskia Skincare

Oskia Skincare Interview

I recently was introduced to Oskia skincare, a fantastic natural skincare brand founded by the equally fantastic Georgie Cleeve. I was lucky enough to try out one of Oskia’s signature glow facials  at One Aldwych which literally blew my mind. Oskia and One Aldwych recently announced their partnerships where four of the signature Oskia facials are available at the health club using the Oskia products which is pretty exciting for the brand. It was my first ever facial and I loved it my skin felt and looked amazing and it was literally the most relaxing 75 minutes of my life. Now since then I have been using the renaissance cleansing gel every night and I love how it makes my skin feel- literally so silky and bright. So as you can tell I have pretty much fallen in love with this brand so obviously I decided too find out more about Oskia and the founder. I hope you enjoy what she has to say x

1. How and when did OSKIA first come about?

You could describe OSKIA as a bit of an accident. Back in my teens I suffered from severe cartilage damage in my knees (from over skiing – my mother skied for Britain) and after my fourth knee operation my father persuaded me to try his horse supplement that was designed to improve the joints of race horses – MSM, the most bio-available form of sulphur and known for its collagen boosting properties. He introduced MSM to the market over 30 years ago. Needless to say my knees completely repaired, so much so that I climb, compete in triathlons and was a ski instructor for a year, with no pain at all. What I didn’t expect was the dramatic difference in my skin. My acne and eczema both disappeared (a rare combination) and my hair and nails became strong and long. The seed of an idea was sown. Life and a career got in the way, but in 2009, after spending 4 years investigating the effects of nutrients on the skin and skincare therapy, OSKIA was born. 

2. Can you describe OSKIA in a nutshell?

Easy – Pure Nutritional Skincare

3. How do you think the attitudes towards health and wellbeing have changed in London over the last year/s?

Health and wellbeing are now mainstream. It’s now cool to be fit & healthy. It’s not a case of ‘do you exercise?’ but ‘what exercise do you do?’ It’s almost competitive – everyone wants to be doing the newest type of yoga or class. Even student life has changed beyond recognition. In my days it was all about drinking and parties, not anymore.

4. What makes OSKIA products unique?

We focus on providing the skin cells with bio-available nutrients to boost skin health & regeneration. There is a lot of talk about using oils and extracts rich in nutrients to treat your skin. Of course these do have wonderful topical benefits (rose hip seed oil being one of them), and we also use them, but your skin is not your gut. It cannot break down these lovely oils into individual nutrients and therefore they are of no benefit on a cellular level at all. This is where OSKIA comes in. We use bio-available nutrients that reach the deeper levels of the skin where regeneration and cellular change takes place. We also use amazing natural bio-actives (peptides, plant stem cells, prebiotics etc.) to target skin concerns.

5. Do you have any exciting future plans for OSKIA?

We have lots of new and very exciting products and supplements coming out. We are also expanding our US and European distribution which is also very exciting, as well as a few new spa openings and our very own OSKIA retreats – watch this space.

6. What’s your favourite OSKIA product and why?

This is really difficult as I love all my products and I repeatedly fall madly in love with them again every time I use them after a break (I also try everything on the market). My current loves are the Micro-Exfoliating Balm which leaves my skin so silky smooth and my pores clear for this time of year and our Super 16. I have very sensitive skin and cannot use Retinol but the inclusion of a new ingredient we discovered, Bakuchiol, knocks the socks off retinol but without the sensitivity. It’s also great to use on its own during the summer months when you don’t want the heaviness of a moisturiser. 

7. Can you tell us about your background? 

I grew up surrounded by scientists as my father (also a farmer) started one of leading equine nutritional supplement business. It was the norm for family suppers at our farm in Wales always to include a ‘white coat’ or two and talk of nutrition, gut & skin health was always the agenda (sounds fun!). My interest in nutrition later evolved into working as a food editor and journalist for years. I then trained as a skincare therapist and investigated skin & nutrition for 4 years with OSKIA in mind.

8. Where did your love of health and wellbeing come from?

I think being brought up on a farm in the middle of the country provided a very deep routed love of health. I was constantly outdoors and very aware of where our food came from and the nutritional benefits of what we eat.

9.What do you love most about your job?

My greatest passion is coming up with new products – to problem solve – but my most powerfully happy moments are when I read the many thank you emails from customers whose skin, and therefore confidence, we have helped. It’s why I do my job and it makes me so happy.

10. What’s your favourite meal and do you have any healthy cooking tips?

Avocados! It’s less of a meal in the traditional sense, but I am completely obsessed with them for their taste and nutritional value – they are the best beauty food there is. I love them with chili on toast, with radishes & pea shoots, with spicy tomatoes & poached egg, and will eat one every day for breakfast without fail.

11. Any favourite eating spots here in London?

Recently new is The Dairy in Clapham Old Town. I would describe it as healthy British tapas and very innovative. I also always love Tanya’s Café and organise many of my meetings there, for obvious reasons!

12. What motivates you in the morning?

The children…I don’t get time to get motivated as they wake us up at 5.30am. I’m not a morning person at all, unless I am in Wales where early mornings can be amazing – we live right in the middle of nowhere  – and a stolen hour for a walk when there is just wildlife around you is bliss.

13. Do you have any advice for young working women trying to lead a healthy lifestyle?

  1. Fill your fridge with good food. You will eat what’s there and if biscuits are there, then you will eat biscuits, says me married to a man with a very sweet tooth!
  2. Run/bike to work if it’s possible. You will kill two birds with one stone (exercise and your commute). I truly believe that exercise outside in the fresh air with lots to look at lifts the spirits and truly lets your mind relax.
  3. Don’t smoke, ever.  I see the effects in skin every day, and I am so thankful that I have never been a smoker.
  4. Try not to drink too much. Alcohol does have a very marked effect on skin, mainly inflammation, so take a daily anti-oxidant supplement and eat lots of anti-inflammatory foods like chili and avocados!

For more about Oskia and their brands visit their website here

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