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Aevi Boxes

aevi boxes

Can you explain Aevi to us and where the idea came from?

As for our story, Marie and I are old friends and have grown closer the last few years as we have encouraged each other on our life journey. Coming out of some crazy jobs last year, we went back to our Scandinavian roots in search of an authentic understanding of well-being, and here we were reminded of the importance of self-care and natural beauty. We really wanted to spread this message and this feeling of love and light. Inspired by the Ayurvedic calendar, we carefully began to curate seasonal wellness boxes filled with the most radiant and products sourced from around the world.

What does Aevi mean?

Aevi [æ-vi] comes from an Old Norse language meaning life. For us, aevi is our way of living as we are all about self-care, love and well-being from a simple, pure, and naturally beautiful place. Saying that, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do – Aevi is about being mindful of your body and loving yourself in every season of life.

What makes the Aevi boxes and products unique?

Our boxes are designed for each season, and this is important because as we observe the seasons change we also need to be mindful of the changes occurring within ourselves. We spend so much time researching to find the purest, high quality, intentional products from niche brands all around the world and a lot of the products we have are not even available to the UK market yet so it is very exclusive.

But we also feel there is something far beyond this, we see more than simply a box, more than just green beauty products, rather we see a great unspoken need to self-love and so in response we put so much love into what we do. Our mission is authentic – we simply want to encourage others to love themselves and in turn love others better, to make the most pure and radiant skin care more accessible, and to teach others that they are worth so much and deserve true wellbeing.

What are your backgrounds and where did your love of wellness come from?

We both grew up with a lot of allergies and so health and wellness have always been a really big part of our lives. Natural food has been a staple of our upbringing as colorings, preservatives and other toxic substances have been detrimental to our internals and reflected outwardly on our skin. It wasn’t so much a choice back then but “living well” is definitely a conscious decision for us now, and we are really very grateful to our loving parents for giving us this strong groundwork to found our lives on.

Marie took all of this one step further and has educated herself in this lifestyle – she’s a certified holistic nutritionist and a yoga teacher. Natalie is still a learner but confidently knows her body better than anyone else and is, according to Marie, the gently strongest woman in her life.

How would you describe your approach to a balanced healthy lifestyle?

Just that, balanced. Everyone is different and we are very intentional about stopping, listening to our bodies, and choosing to be kind to ourselves. If we need sleep, we sleep, if we need some family time, we jump on the phone and facetime, if we want to eat chocolate, we deserve it! Honestly though, we are healthy, we eat a whole lot of green and we work out a lot to keep our stress levels in the harbour. Then, when we feel overwhelmed we use each other to remind us that we are loved and lovely just as we are.

What motives you both?

When you feel truly well and loved there is so much power within you. That power could do a whole lot of good around us, and frankly, the world needs it.

What advice would you give any budding entrepreneur on launching your dream brand in this competitive industry?

It is what you sell, but more than that it’s why you sell it. If you love something it will shine through and you’ll start to inspire people, the best part is you can do a lot of good with business. And, it honestly doesn’t matter about the thousands of competitors – if it sets you on fire I think it’s yours to spread. Trust your gut and if you ever need help, reach out.

For more information on the girls and their beautiful boxes head over to their website here

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