Chiltern Firehouse, The Ultimate Breakfast Hangout

Chiltern Firehouse Breakfast Review

The Chiltern Firehouse has been on my breakfast bucket list for such a long time now (yes I have a bucket list entirely dedicated to breakfast and what haha) I have heard great things about the food here so last month for one of my many birthday food trips I came here with my girl and breakfast loving babe Lucy who you will of seen from my Paris snaps. Lucy is my food partner in crime as well as general life partner in crime. If you haven’t read her blog pop over here

So here you have it, a mini break down of my Chiltern Firehouse breakfast experience and why it should be at the top of your list.

What: Ex firehouse turned luxury hotel and restaurant

Where: Based on Chiltern Street in Marylebone

What we ate: So I have this thing when I get confronted by a great breakfast menu….I can never decide what I want so I end up ordering everything. My bad. Luckily Lucy is the same so we got a few dishes and shared them, which was dreamy. Also I warn you now, this was in no way a healthy breakfast I decided to treat myself as it was my birthday and if you know me well enough by now you will know I am all about balance! Green smoothie with a side of champagne anyone?

So first and foremost we started we coffee, because coffee always comes first right?! It was a very early start so we were both desperate for a caffeine kick. We both got cappuccinos and mine was with almond milk, seriously good coffee. I mean so good I ordered another one half way through breakfast!

Chiltern Firehouse

Then food wise I decided to go for the scrambled eggs with spinach and parmesan which was delightfully creamy! Lucy went for the dippy soldiers with truffle toast….I tasted these and they were delicious but very strong. I love strong flavours but this dish packed a serious punch.

Chiltern Firehouse Breakfast

Chiltern Firehouse

Now I mentioned this was a birthday meal and in no way healthy right….which leads me nicely to the dessert part of breakfast. As you should always have a two course breakfast right? Well say hi to the pancakes. Defiantly a highlight for me. They were light and fluffy and came with a side of berries, clotted cream and jam. I had mine with the berries and jam as I can’t eat cream but it still tasted amazing. A plate of pure sugary, carb heavy, unhealthy deliciousness and I loved every mouthful.

Chiltern Firehouse Breakfast

So all in all the food was delicious and well worth the hype. I loved every bit of my two course breakfast and those pancakes were seriously to die for!! Now I have talked in depth about the food but its not just the food that makes this place special. Its so beautiful, the building itself is stunning and it has the most beautiful outside seating area (pictures below) with sofas, little tables and even a fireplace making this the perfect place to come and chill on a summers evening. I love a good interior and the Chiltern Firehouse got top points. Lets not forget the matching dog pepper and salt shakers on each tables shall we….probably my favourite bit!

If your looking for a delicious breakfast spot with a touch of glamour then make the Chiltern Firehouse top of your list.

Lots of love,

Natalie x

Chiltern Firehouse Breakfast

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