Dining at Nopi Ottolenghi

Nopi Ottolenghi

My latest review comes in the form of Ottolenghis restaurant Nopi based in Soho where I went for dinner recently with my babe Lottie Murphy.

We decided on Nopi because we had heard the food was delicious, it is described as ‘Middle Eastern and Asian-inspired sharing plates at Ottolenghi’s all-day brasserie’

So who is the chef behind Nopi? Say hello to Yotam Ottolenghi who is a British chef, cookery writer and restaurant owner. His cookbooks have long been a staple of my mums and is know for his unique delicious way of using fresh ingredients. So naturally I was intrigued to find out what Nopi would have to offer.

So here is a quick round up of what we ate and my thoughts, and exactly why you need to to book yourself a table asap.

Nopi Ottolenghi

Food wise: both myself and Lottie are trying to eat more vegetarian dishes at the moment so Nopi was the obvious choice. I had heard that Nopi has amazing vegetarian dishes and the rumours were indeed true. So here is what we ate…

Starters- Raw vegetable crudites with guacamole dip which was so tasty, I am going to be honest I didn’t actually know what half of the vegetables were….but they tasted great and I am all about trying new things!

Mains: We decided to stick to vegetarian options although the fish and meat dishes sounded amazing. We got a selection of small dishes and shared them between us. These included Roast Aubergine with Tamarind yoghurt and pistachio, a crushed butterbean dish, courgette fritters and roasted butternut squash….all of which were some of the tastiest vegetarian dishes I have ever eaten. Highlights for me were the courgette fritters which were the tastiest most moreish things ever. Then secondly the roasted aubergine which was packed full of flavour!

Dessert: Both Lottie and I look sweet things and can’t help but get dessert most times we are together so naturally dessert was going to happen. The menu was amazing again I hadn’t heard of half of the things!! So after deliberating for what seemed like an age we went for the baked chocolate ganache (which was out of this world) and the spiced quince, cherry and walnut crumble. The chocolate ganache was honestly the most chocolaty most indulgent melt in the mouth dessert EVER. If you are like me and a chocolate fiend this dessert will be heaven.

Verdict: The most interesting menu I have seen in a long time. Such creative use of ingredients and flavours made everything we ate delicious. Also I have always been such a meat eater, I never used to think my plate was complete unless I had a piece of fish or meat with it. Yet after making the decision to cut my meat down and if I can out it was really great to taste such delicious vegetarian meals which were filling and tasty. I didn’t miss meat or fish at all, oh and the chocolate ganache made my life complete so I left a very happy girl. Plus the restaurant itself is stunning which make the dining experience that bit better.

I hope you enjoyed my review of Nopi as you can tell I was impressed and would recommend it to anyone looking for a delicious dining experience at a beautiful restaurant. For more information you can visit Nopis website here.

Natalie x

Nopi review

*Restaurant Pictures by ottolenghi.co.uk*

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