Health & Wellness Trends for 2015 by Lauren Armes Editor-In-Chief of welltodo London

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Lauren Armes is the founder and editor-in-chief of welltodo London, a fantastic online publication which provides Londoners with a weekly edit of health and wellness culture. At the forefront of the cities healthy trends it seemed only natural that I ask Lauren what her top Health and Wellness trends were for 2015, see below for her predictions.

Health & Wellness Trends for 2015 by Lauren Armes

Oncedescribed as behind the times on the health and fitness front, London has evolved into something of a wellness mecca over the last 12 months. We’ve witnessed the birth of the cold pressed juice bar and experienced an influx of dynamic boutique fitness studios, replacing the outdated and uninspiring gym membership (which we never used). We wear activewear in public, shamelessly.

Now, we’ve got our hopes set on 2015 being the year that London develops its only unique identity, rather than continuously modelling itself on, and playing catch-up to, the likes of New York and LA.

Sure, we’ve been a little behind the eight ball, but Londoners are tuning into the feel good lifestyle and quickly catching on to what an inspired, healthy and happy lifestyle looks like… and celebrating the benefits.

Here are some of my projections for the coming year; which I hope will define a new set of mainstream lifestyle choices.

The rise of boutique fitness

It was about 2010 when we started getting bored of dragging our guild-ridden selves to concrete jungle-like gyms, and paying through the fluorescent clad roof for memberships we never used. Enter the boutique fitness studio. Some of London’s best have been around since those days, but with a recent surge of competition and new kids on the block (like Psycle and Barry’s Bootcamp), everybody is upping their game to keep us coming back for more. And we do! This year we’ll see the spinning sensation evolve, variations on hiit, barre and kettlebell classes, more primal-based workouts, and any further yoga fusions not yet formed.

More and more healthy eateries

It’s fair to say that London’s healthy foodie scene is only just taking off. There’s a little way to go before we lose count of show-stopping superfood salad bars and experts in organic nutritious grab and go options. Stand out performances from the likes of Nama, Tanya’s Café and Ethos, have raised the bar this year but something says we can ramp things up even more in a city this size. In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to travel more than a mile to get a wholesome (and tummy filling) lunch… and that’s more than a bliss ball. Bring on the healthy eateries London.

Greater social acceptance

Finally, it is becoming socially acceptable to spend the weekend working out, brunching and catching up over green juice, sporting neon kicks and outrageous leggings in both scenarios. A community of like-minded people have begun to challenge the ‘normal’ social behaviour of a token young professional, which may no longer include binge drinking and 3am kebabs. Not that we condemn that… the point is that consistently healthy living is now equally as mainstream (and hopefully taking over).

Chemical-free living

We’ve jumped on the fitness and foodie band wagons but there’s a little further to go when it comes to eradicating other nasties. This year we’ll see a rise in more natural approaches to beauty products, household items and a greater education on how to avoid all the chemicals that creep into an urban lifestyle. Maybe we’ll stop lathering ourselves in toxic bronzer and get a little wiser to petroleum packed chapsticks, especially since so many Londoners are now experiencing the natural glow that comes from a nutrient dense diet.

Happiness on the up

Finally, 2015 is the year that we get more mindful, more present, more in tune with what makes us happy. Being fitter, stronger and more energetic, calls for action in other areas like ensuring relationships are healthy and empowering, that we’re not settling into a job that does not inspire, and that we are more creative, loving, and content than ever before. At the end of the day, the whole point is to feel good.

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