LA’s best foodie hangouts

LA healthy brunch

LA knows how to do healthy food, it’s pretty much the original green juice and smoothie hangout. So when I was planning my trip it basically revolved around brunch and food….because brunch is life right!!

The choice was pretty mind blowing and we only had time to visit a few of the most recommended places. But that said, I thought I would share with you my favourite places!

la natalie glaze

Healthy breakfast/brunch/smoothie spots

Mondrian Hotel breakfast/brunch

We stayed at the Mondrian hotel in our time in West Hollywood and this hotel was just beautiful. The breakfast/brunch area was in a stunning terrace by the pool overlooking the city with views of the mountains in the background which was pretty epic. With options of cold pressed juices, great coffee, avocado on toast, 3 egg omlettes, french toast you name it. This was an impressive breakfast spot and not to mention the marble tables and insane views. I can see why people love this spot!

LA healthy brunch

The Butcher The Baker the Cappacino Maker

So many people told us to visit here, I had seen their epic rainbow lattes on the gram (classic!) and I knew it was going on the list. We sat outside in the sunshine and sipped on rainbow coffess which looked like art. Not going to lie it was super sweet and not the best coffee I have ever tasted but damn did it look good! We pretty much ordered everything on the menu, I had avo on toast and shared the french toast and Lucy had a breakfast burrito. Food was delicious, location beautiful making it a must visit if you are in the area!

LA healthy brunch LA healthy brunch

Cafe Gratitude

The much hyped up Cafe Gratitue. Like if you didn’t go to LA and take a picture here did you even LA though (aware how basic I sound but embrace right!!). We went to the Beverly Hills one and sat outside in their marble tabled courtyard with all the plants. I was in heaven and surrounded by all the lululemon sipping yogis haha. I got an acai bowl which was damn epic, in fact one of the best I have ever tasted. The coffee was disappointing sadly but the food was GREAT. Very very healthy, very very LA. Go take a gram picture.

LA healthy brunch LA healthy brunch


Oh my goodness if you like Matcha or coffee then you have to visit Alfreds. They are legendary coffee shops dotted around LA. With the Insta famous ‘but first coffee’ cups they do delicious coffee and matcha. They also have a tearoom on Melrose avenue which looked insane but we didn’t have time to head there. I love the fact that every coffee shop in LA has all the dairy free milk options as well. Almond, coconut, oat…no problem. Dreamyy.

la natalie glaze

Backyard Bowls

If you are like me and love an acai bowl then Backyard bowls is a great little spot in Santa Monica which is a Acai bowl heaven. All different varieties, huge portions!

LA healthy brunch

Gracias Madre

If you go to LA, please promise me you will head to Gracias Madre, trust me!!! It’s a plant based mexican restaurant in West Hollywood and the food is to die for!! Think plant based nachos, tacos, burritos you name it! I can’t do it justice, honestly just go! I didn’t get a picture as I was too busy eating (bad blogger I know) so you will just have to take my word for it, or search on Instagram you will see what I mean.

Kreation Juicery

Kreation juicery is like pret in LA, one on every street corner in all parts of LA. They had all the health shots you could think of, every kind of cold pressed juice and a hella of a lot of smoothies. The menus were very extensive and the perfect smoothie pick up spot. I mean Kreation if you ever want to come to London…I will be there spending all my damn money on green smoothies!!

LA healthy brunch LA healthy brunch

The Butchers Daughter 

After the world and his wife recommended we go to The Butchers Daughter we headed here for brunch on the last leg of our trip. We went to the Abbot Kinney one and the decor and layout was beautiful. It gets very busy so you have to wait for a table most of the time but we only waited for about 10 minutes so was fine. I am not going to lie I was a bit disappointed yes it was pretty but the food was nothing to shout about really in comparison to lots of the other foodie places. I think its a bit over hyped. Glad we went and experienced it and the food was great. But not sure it’s worth the hype if I am brutally honest.

LA healthy brunch

Healthy Marketplaces

Whole Foods they don’t call it Americas healthiest grocery store for nothing right? I loved visiting WF on the Beverly Hills part of my trip. One of the days we woke up did a workout and walked down to Wholefoods for a morning coffee and acai bowl. Could I be any more LA? They have a Acai machine that is like a FROYO straight out of the machine into the bowl…America always does it best right. And yes the portions were huge.

Erewhorn Marketplace – I thought I had seen everything when I went to an American Wholefoods then I stepped food in Erewhorn in Venice. When I realised I had seen nothing, this place is like Wholefoods but even better. Everything you could ever need and want. I think I honestly could of spent all my money and about 10 hours here. But to explain it in a nutshell same vibe as wholefoods, salad bars, hot food bars, every kind of vegan, raw, sprouted snack, dessert food you could need. They even had a whole row of pre cut up organic veg, stock, soups just everything. EVERYTHING.

Pizza and Ice-cream 

And for those days you are feeling like vegan or plant based just won’t cut it. Because life is too short not to eat pizza right. These were my favourite not so healthy but just as delicious spots.

Gjelina on Abbot Kinney for the best damn pizza of your life. This uber cool eatery has a beautiful little outside seating area and honestly the truffled feta and mushroom pizza changed my life.

LA pizza

Salt and Straw ice cream Abbot Kinney – every flavour you could need and want and unlimited samples so I mean knock yourself out. At weekends the queues go down the street for this place and I can see why! I went for salted cookie dough ice cream but also tried the sticky chocolate fudge and salted caramel….my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Other must go places…word on the street.

I didn’t have a chance to go here but word on the street is that these places are must go healthy food spots:

Plant Food + Wine Venice: plant based fine dining, heard great things food looked like artwork.

Moon Juice: every kind of juice, shot and magic powder you could need. Didn’t get a chance to visit but about 10 people told me to get a juice from there so that must mean something right. LA do know their juices.

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