Looking At How Far I Have Come

natalie glaze womens health

So last week a pretty exciting thing happened for me and my little blog/Instagram world. Women’s Healths latest issue came out and slap bang in the middle was a three page spread with my face all over it. You probably already know this from my mega gushy IG captions on the day (girl got emotional okayyy) BUT this was such a big deal for me. I would say one of my most exciting blog achievement to dates. To put this in perspective I have been buying Women’s Health since forever ago it feels like. Long before I had a blog myself or Instagram was a big part of my life. I used to want to work in magazines and always fantasied about writing for a magazine like Women’s Health whilst at University completing my media degree. Then I left University and worked at a media agency and Womens Health was one of our clients and I remember how excited I used to get when the advertisement team would take us for lunch….I used to pretty much fan girl over the magazine team haha (not ashamed to admit!!)

So after being such a mega fan of the magazine for so long to be asked to work with them on a style feature which would cover three whole pages including one double page spread was a real pinch me moment! It almost was like someone saying, look at how far you have come with your blog and Instagram….well done you.

natalie glaze womens health

I think it’s made me reflect a little on my time as a ‘blogger/instagramer/full time take a load of picturerer’. I just honestly love the world of blogging and the doors it has opened and opportunities I have been given from it. Not only that but it’s a world that excites me, allows me to be creative and express myself exactly how I choose. I can be my own photographer, editor, writer, creative director, manager, PR….the skills you pick up and learn along the way are incredible.

The internet gets a lot of slack and can sometimes be a very negative space we all know that. However I  love the sense of support and community blogging has. I have been able to meet some of my closest friends on the internet and through blogging been able to explore around the world, to destinations and trips I never dreamed I would be able to ever do.

So this post is a little thank you, a chance for me to open up and just say from the bottom of my heart I am so grateful for everyone who follows my blog, reads my posts, sends me lovely messages and comments. It’s because of you guys I have been able to do all these amazing things and be my own boss.

So coming full circle back to this Women’s Health article, yes it may not be the biggest thing anyone has ever achieved in blogging but for me it’s a milestone. A recognition that I am doing my own thing and doing it well.

Not to mention I love all the photos from this shoot so much and feel like a full blown sass queen everytime I look at them. Thanks to the Women’s Health team especially Charlie Lambros the WH Fashion director and Victoria Adamson the photographer for helping me feel so comfortable and look so damn cool, I definitely embraced my inner Beyonce on this shoot.

The magazine is on shelves now so go grab a copy and see how I took on the WH style challenge and styled this statement running jacket in four ways.

Natalie x

natalie glaze womens healthWH4 natalie glaze womens health

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