My Go to Green Smoothie Recipe

the good guru
Last year if you had told me I would be a green smoothie for breakfast kind of girl I probably would of laughed and ran back to my scrambled eggs. However times have changed, this summer I have been lucky enough to go on many fitness and wellness retreats already (with many more to come!). These retreats not only are in beautiful locations and the week packed with zen yoga poses or sweaty HIIT sessions but the food is amazing. This is where my love for a breakfast smoothie came from, something about the sun and heat makes smoothies the ideal breakfast in the summer. This obsession continued when I got back to London now pretty much every morning apart from weekend when I tend to eat out (brunch life and all that) you will find me with a green smoothie in hand. Not only is it quick and easy in the mornings thanks to my nutribullet for whizzing it up in a heartbeat. But also I find its a great way to get a load of greens in quickly and in a tasty way. Not only do I love getting in loads of fresh greens but adding a great greens powder like this one from The Good Guru is another way to add in an extra nutritional kick. I love the 'Good Greens' powder as its packed with a variety of greens from classics like Broccoli to superfood ingredients like Matcha Tea, Barley Grass and Spirulina. Each Green has specific health benefits, which work together to provide a nutrient rich blast of energy in every scoop. So now I am a green smoothie for breakfast addict I thought why not share with you one of my staple smoothie recipes. I do like to switch things up of course but I always end up coming back to this one: Ingredients:
  • Half a frozen banana - adds a creamy thicker texture
  • Half a frozen courgette - again a tip I picked up when I was away- adds bulk and thickness but you can't really taste the courgette
  • A huge handful of spinach- because you can never get enough spinach
  • Coconut water
  • Cinnamon
  • 1 large scoop of 'Good Greens' powder from The Good Guru
  • 1 scoop of vegan protein powder
  • Then if you fancy a creamier taste add a small spoon of almond butter...I only do this on occasion as I don't trust myself with nut butter in the house (no self control over here)
Making a smoothie couldn't be easier, you just add all your ingredients to a blender, I use a nutribullet as its so quick and easy. Blend it up and you are good to go. smoothie goodness. the good guru