Sitting Down & Switching off….

newby tea natalie glaze

As I have grown older (and more mature one would hope!) I have realised more and more how much I value quiet time with my family and friends. Time which isn’t spent rushing around like a headless chicken. I think I used to think being busy meant I was succesful, being overworked and no time to switch off was just part of the ‘daily grind’ to getting where you wanted to be.

I have always had the annoying habit of taking on to much. To many jobs, to much work, saying yes to too many social occasions. I look at my diary and feel the need to fill it immediately. The idea of a day doing nothing used to fill me with a bit of panic. I worried it meant I was being unproductive…anyone else guilty of this?

I would say its only been the last year I have come to enjoy and on purpose give myself free time. Leaving myself days to switch off and chill out. Its become a necessity.

newby tea natalie glaze

One of my favourite ways to switch off is with a cup of tea with family or friends. The kettle goes on, the phones go away and we sit there catching up on life. I recently did a post on my love of tea. How for me tea solves all of life’s problems – need to chat, going through a hard time, sad about something, girly catch up. You name it the kettle goes on.

So around holidays like Easter or Christmas when you come together with family and friends these catch ups always happen around a cup of tea!

When Newby teas approached me about working with them I jumped at the chance. They are a luxury tea brand who have the most delicious flavours and blends of tea. Each month they have sent me a selection box which is not only beautifully packaged (like works of art) but also introducing me to so many new flavours.

newby tea natalie glaze

Their Easter selection box is going to be my go to for my tea catch ups…and current favourite flavour is the Jasmine Princess Green tea. Why I love this blend, well not only has it got a really subtle yet unique flavour. It’s quite floral but not in an overpowering way you know? I love green tea but some I find really strong, this one has a lovely balance. My new favourite green tea J

Here’s to many more great cups of tea and many more great conversations. If you love tea as much as me then I have a little present for you all. If you use the code ‘Natalie15’ on Newby Teas website (link here) you will get 15% off the entire store (full price) from March 16-19th.

This post is in collaboration with Newby Teas but all opinions are my own.

newby tea natalie glaze newby tea natalie glaze

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