The Art of Perfect Basics

Wolford 3W Skin Bra

I think it happened a few years ago, maybe two or three if I am being precise. My views on my wardrobe and the way I dressed changed. I used to be the girl who brought clothes continuously, like a new outfit every weekend kinda girl. We all were that girl/know one right. And my go to outfits were super cheap, badly made would last a few wears then fall apart. But I only wanted them for one maximum two wears so it didn’t matter to me.

Fast forward a few years and my whole ideology around fast fashion and clothing has changed. Maybe it’s just part of growing up and finding your fashion identity and personal style, who knows. But I am no longer that girl who buys clothes for the sake of it. No those days are far behind me.

Now I buy a LOT less, I think a lot about my purchases, I am far more likely to save up and buy one or two statement pieces which I will get years or a lifetime of wear out of. I know what suits me, I know the colours I like (basically hardly any colour #monochromelife). So for me clothing is much more of an investment, a new piece which I will wear again and again. So clothes which fit well and are made well are crucial.

So that starts with the basics, the perfect white or striped t shirt. A capsule statement in every wardrobe right? But oh so hard to find….trust me I am still searching for ‘THE’ perfect tshirt!

But what about bras and bodysuits and lingerie? These are pretty important basics to build your wardrobe around right? So for me I look for well made, comfortable, stylish yet simple pieces. I have a few rules for my lingerie, they are all black, white or nude. Some plain, mainly lace, simple flattering shapes. I recently worked with Wolford on a campaign around their new 3W bra which is perfect for day to night, yoga, walking, evening you name it. But aside from this bra I discovered their bodysuits and fell in love. They have every kind, simple, strappy, long sleeved and roll necks ranging to more fashion/sportsluxe vibe to the very sexy lace/mesh numbers. Well made and beautifully designed I have found a few pieces to add to my basics wardrobe….in black or nude obvs.

Wolford 3W Skin Bra Wolford 3W Skin Bra Wolford 3W Skin BraWolford bodysuits

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