Natalie Glaze








My name is Natalie Glaze I am 25 and currently living in London. I love nothing more than discovering the best brunch spots and travelling the world exploring new places. A few fun facts about me;

  • I always take pictures of my food
  • Brunching is my favourite hobby
  • I have an ever-expanding trainer collection
  • I am a fully-fledged Harry Potter fan
  • I love green smoothies and chocolate in pretty equal measures
  • Matcha latte drinker by day Gin & Tonic by night

If you have any questions, want to work together, have collaboration ideas or press enquiries please contact me using the email address natalie@natalieglaze.com or see the contact page.

As well as running this UK lifestyle and travel blog natalieglaze.com –

I also have a few other strings to my bow;

  • Social media & digital consultant and manager
  • Trainee Pilates instructor
  • A health and fitness and food writer
  • Food consultancy
  • Food trend analyser