My Favourite Brunch Meal With a Little Twist

the perfect avocado on toast
Now I am a brunch lover, I think this is pretty clear. In fact I would say my weekends aren't complete without a brunch expedition or a big brunch filled morning with my friends at our flat. In the weekdays I am super busy in the mornings normally this is because I am always running late (something I need to work on!) so I don't really have time for a big breakfast. My go to is a green smoothie, I can just thrown all the ingredients into my Nutri Bullet and away I go. Yet weekends are for taking time over your meals, breakfast especially. So if me and my friends have decided to stay in for a meal I always whip together something special. My go to is avocado on toast, often with poached or scrambled eggs. Now this sounds simple right? Well I don't know about you but there is definitely an art to creating the perfect avocado on toast. So here is my go to brunch meal: What you need
  • Avocado - make sure this is super ripe, you want seriously squishy otherwise it won't be creamy
  • Chill flakes
  • Lemon
  • Added extras - Pistachios or pine nuts or crumbled feta
  • Toast - then for the important bit. I always choose brown bread, sourdough or rye. Lightly toasted of course. If I have been to the gym in the morning then I will opt for Warburtons Protein Bread which is baked with pulses. This is the perfect protein packed addition especially if you have had a morning workout. The addition of the protein from the pulses makes for a protein filled balanced meal with such good fats as well as being really filling.
the perfect avocado on toast Instructions Lightly toast your Protein bread and then I always butter mine with coconut oil (normal butter works just as well its just a taste preference thing). Then I slice my avocado in half and de stone it...I scoop the avocado into a bowl and mash with a fork until creamy and then I add in the chilli flakes and squeeze some fresh lemon. Then scoop the creamy avocado onto the freshly toasted bread and either crumble feta or pistachios over the top. I always pair this with poached eggs but that's down to you. There you have it, my perfect weekend brunch recipe with a extra protein kick from Warburtons protein bread and my secret to the perfect avocado on toast. This post is in collaboration with Warburtons for their new Protein range which uses a blend of natural pulses and grains (navy beans, chickpeas and peas) and the range includes sliced bread, wraps, rolls and thins; all available to purchase in September. the perfect avocado on toast