An Interview with Kristina Carman founder of Tiny Fish Yoga Wear

TinyFish Yoga interview

The world of activewear and sportswear is expanding at a rate of knots. As an activewear addict I know how important the right pair of leggings are ones which can take me from yoga to brunch and are stylish and comfortable too. Something that Tiny Fish seems to of perfected. But what about the people behind these brands? I chat to Kristina the founder of Tiny Fish where we discuss everything from her brand idea, her love of yoga and her daily routine. Hope you enjoy x

1. Can you describe Tiny Fish and where the idea came from?

We really wanted to create something that brought together our love for fashion and yogic journey. We are a yoga inspired fitness fashion brand that takes inspiration from fashion, art, wellness, mindfulness and lifestyle, we create good quality studio to street styles using color and prints.

2. Can you tell us about your background

I was a professional ballet dancer, but after injury I transitioned into special effects makeup artistry which took me to New York, where I worked on countless films, commercials, ad campaigns and fashion shoots. All the while practicing yoga to keep fit and sane. The fashion industry is amazing and kept me very busy, but sadly its not always the most healthy of industries. The idea for Tiny Fish started from these experiences.

TinyFish Yoga interview

3. Where did your love of yoga come from?

Again, from my dance background. I love movement, I love feeling in my body begin aware of your body is a very special and important tool and yoga was a perfect transition from dance for me. Lots of movement and use of your own body for resistance and fitness is something I really love, plus yoga also opens up so many other incredible aspects of your mind, spirit and over all health and happiness.

4. Can you describe Tiny Fish in a nutshell

A luxury Fitness Fashion yoga inspired brand that is about support, kindness, love and sass. Giving women confidence to explore their bodies and wear fun pieces. To really enjoy life and not worry about what others think.

5. Whats a typical day in the life of Kristina Carman

Wake, take a breath and let the madness of a house with two boys needing to get to school take over. Once they are dropped off, if I haven’t got London meetings then I go home and practice yoga, then I’m at my desk by 10.  I like to pop out mid afternoon to walk my dog- fresh air and time out does wonders. Before I pick the boys up I’m queuing at the post office dropping off orders then once I’ve got my kids its dinner, homework, bath and bed. Once the boys are down I try to have a 10/20-minute meditation and a hot bath or something lovely for myself. I’m not really a bit TV person, but I’m a HUGE reader and writer, so I’ll settle in next to the hubby and read or journal while he watches TV. I’m not a night owl so its lights out between 10/11pm otherwise I cannot function the next day.

6. Do you have any favourite exercise classes in London?

Yes, loads, London is amazing and more and more great places are opening up and exploring different options to the traditional gym. I take classes at the Power Yoga Company in Fulham, then Triyoga. I recently started power plates and TRX- holy moly its hard, but great! There is a great studio in Fulham called The Transition Zone which offers super classes.

7. What motivates you in the morning?

Two small boys which A LOT of energy!

8. Any advice for entrepreneurs out there?

WORK HARD and don’t think that any job big or small is above or beneath you. I have done lots and lots of things that I wish I didn’t have to do, but I do it all the time. Its a lot of work, but it does pay off and its so rewarding knowing that you know and understand your business. Even it that’s queuing at the post office or waking super early to go to an event just to tell people about what you are doing. Its all good.

For more on Tiny Fish and their yoga wear check out their website here

TinyFish Yoga

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