Travelling and Home Comforts

Newby Tea Natalie Glaze

I love Travelling, but I also love home comforts. I think the two battle each other in my mind a lot. The side of me that wants to be constantly exploring and on beaches. Then the other who loves being at home, with my routine a good cuppa, my own bed and my dressing gown.

Newby Tea Natalie Glaze

I have always felt that for me home isn’t a particular place or building, it’s a feeling, I get the feeling with people a lot. Some people just feel like home, sometimes it’s a smell or food or particular object which gives me that sense of grounding and home. One of those things is a cup of tea. First thing I do every morning is make myself a cup of English breakfast tea I have been doing this what seems like my whole life. It’s a habit I picked up from my Mum who is the queen of tea, the woman drinks about 10 cups a day. That first sip of tea is the best feeling, I take my time and slowly wake up with my favourite mug in my hand. Then throughout the day I drink a variety of other beverages whether its coffee, green tea, peppermint tea, all different varieties and flavours. I go through phases and favourites. I just find a hot drink so comforting.

So that said I often will try and bring a bit of routine and homely comforts with me whilst I am away, it keeps me sane especially when I am living out of a suitcase. I thought I would share a few of these things and how they remind me of home and my routine.

Newby Tea Natalie Glaze

Most importantly I always pack my own teabags…nothing worse than getting to a hotel or place you are staying and they don’t serve tea. Or the local shops don’t have any. I have been there a few times and decided it’s a risk not worth taking (dramatic but true). So problem solved…bring my own teabags. Not only is this great for drinking whilst away but also on airplanes I have my own teabags and my keepcup and just ask for hot water….always free and boom my airplane journey is 10x better. I always pack my Newby Tea teabags normally a selection of English Breakfast, green tea (they do so many flavours) mint and then a herbal one like Rooibos or berry. So wherever I am in the world I can still have my morning cuppa and instantly feel at home.

  1. A good book so I can read before bed, I like a bedtime routine so again I often make myself a mint or camomile Newby tea, get my book out and sit in bed and read a while. I do this at home, and even more so when I am away.
  2. My favourite PJs and comfy jumper so I can lounge around and be comfortable. Not quite my dressing gown but I just love my comfy clothes.
  3. My beauty regime – I love my skincare regime sounds strange but there’s something soothing about each night having my cleansing and moisturising time. So I make sure it comes with me wherever.

I think just having a few routines which I keep regular no matter where I am in the world just helps. Combining my love of travel and home comforts and routines. So no matter where I am in the world a bit of that home feeling comes with me.

This post is in collaboration with Newby Teas but all views are my own.

Newby Tea Natalie Glaze Newby Tea Natalie Glaze Newby Tea Natalie Glaze

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