Beach Yoga, Paddleboarding and Primavera Sound With Roxy

Roxy barcelona natalie glaze

Travelling with one of my best friends and being able to call it work, what a dream. That pretty much sums up our flying visit to Barcelona with Roxy. Me and Lottie Murphy my forever favourite exploring buddy set off for a mini trip to Barcelona with one of the coolest brands to one of the best cities for a flying city trip.

Roxy barcelona natalie glaze

I love Barcelona, always have…for me it is such a perfect weekend away destination. Ideal  mix between beach and city. Amazing food, great selection of food, beautiful architecture. Easy to get too…oh I forgot to mention great wine. I mean do I need to go on?!

So you can see why when Roxy invited me and my girl Lottie to head to Barcelona for a weekend of yoga, exploring and partying at Primavera sound I jumped at the chance.

Roxy barcelona natalie glaze

I have worked with Roxy before and went to Boardmasters with them last year, I love this brand and the vibe they have. The encompass cool surfer girl chic perfectly, when I think of Roxy, I think effortlessly cool beach babes. I think of the ocean, I think of adventure. Some of my favourite things ever are hiking and the sea…and just generally embracing my Dora the Explorer mode. So you can see why I love Roxy and what they represent. However Roxy is so much more than surfing and the ocean. They do pretty epic activewear ranging from yoga to running…most of their leggings are designed so you can go straight in the ocean after. Boom. Their swimwear ranges from more sporty chic to pretty and delicate to simple and stylish. In fact theirs probably a Roxy bikini or swimsuit to suit everyones styles. On our trip we were very lucky to be able to wear Roxy sportswear for Yoga, swimwear for the paddle boarding and then their fashion clothing for the festival. Yup you heard it, Roxy do normal clothes as well….news to me as well. Both me and Lottie were surprised at how nice their day to day clothing was, still on the casual cool vibe, think denim jackets, mum jeans, linen shorts, cute little t-shirts and pretty dresses. Cali style meets surfer beach babe. I got a cute little white off the shoulder beach dress to wear in the evening to the festival which I teamed with a denim jacket…and Lottie nabbed the coolest little sandals which we couldn’t believe were Roxy. I also picked up a pair of striped linen shorts which had a Zara and Mango vibe about them.

So one of the main reasons for our visit was Primavera Sound the music festival in Barcelona. Now I have done my fair share of festivals in the past, and I am definitely over the muddy UK, camping scene (sorry Glasto regulars). But a day festival in Barcelona I am DOWN. Now Primavera festival wasn’t like many other festivals…I think the fact it was in Barcelona, automatically it was just cooler (how many times have I said cool already jeez). It had a chilled friendly vibe, no crazy drunkness no scabby portaloos. No this was urban edgy architecture, on the beach, amazing street food and great music. The street food area was huge and served everything including veggie and vegan delights…down to Pizza and burgers and Acai bowls.  No you know I love me some food so for this was automatic win.

Roxy barcelona natalie glazeRoxy barcelona natalie glaze

The music was great, we watched Lorde and Artic Monkeys (who were both insane) in the warm Barcelona evening air. I would 100% go back to Primavera. It had everything I would want in a festival and better still, no camping and the next day you can wake up go for breakfast in Barcelona then head to the beach. Beats a UK festival in my books.

I mentioned it was a flying visit and although the whole trip revolved around the festival we also had a private gig on the Roxy stores roof on the beach on the first night, woke up and did beach yoga and paddle boarding with all the Roxy girls. Not only that but me and Lottie snuck in a glass of wine at a little local restaurant on the first night and a quick explore and then late lunch at Flax and Kale which I had been meaning to go to since forever. If you are after a healthy delicious meal Flax and Kale needs to be on your list. Breakfast lunch or dinner…all insane. So a pretty incredible trip…with one of my fave girls. Thank you Roxy for being the most wonderful hosts, the whole trip was so relaxed, chilled and yet we packed so much in. I loved exploring Barcelona, dancing all night to Artic Monkeys and doing yoga on the beach. All one of my best friend with me. Pinch me already right.

Check out the Roxy website HERE.

Roxy barcelona natalie glaze Roxy barcelona natalie glaze Roxy barcelona natalie glaze Roxy barcelona natalie glaze Roxy barcelona natalie glaze Roxy barcelona natalie glaze

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