24 Hours in Paris With Ernest Leoty

ernest leoty paris

Paris is one of my favourite cities, every time I go there I fall in love all over again. My trip with Ernest Leoty was no different.

Ernest Leoty are Parisian couture sportswear, they are a fairly new brand. So new in fact I had never actually heard of them when I got the invite through. After doing a bit of research I fell in love with everything about this brand. They encompass everything I love about Paris – stylish, modern with beautiful history and french tradition interwoven with super chic designs.

ernest leoty paris

The sportswear itself is extremely feminine and beautiful but with high tech/performance edge. Does anyone else read Women’s Health? If so you would of seen Maya Jama looking like an absolute dreamboat on the cover. Remember the blue corset short one piece with white piping? Ernest Leoty….told you their stuff is beautiful!! Ernest Leoty was a traditional corset maker, so now these modern sportswear pieces still use elements of his designs and sketches. The white piping and corset style tops which are in the range combine history and tradition and modern design. Now that makes for a chic brand am I right?

What I loved about this trip is how many new places in Paris I got to discover. So I thought I would share where we stayed, explored, did Pilates and ate (most importantly right!)

We stayed at Le Pigalle, now this hotel I would recommend to anyone doing a quick trip to Paris. The hotel is just so damn cool – I am sure me saying this confirms how uncool I am. But it was amazing – small and understated but every detail was perfect. It had a Hoxton hotel feel about it with a little bit of a Parisian cool edge. My room was perfect – views onto the stunning Parisian streets and architecture. Prints were hung all over the walls, a stunning record player, small but perfectly formed bar. It was probably the coolest hotel room I have ever stayed in. With the comfiest bed. Ever. I would 100% come back and stay here for a quick night in Paris or weekend away. In the morning myself and one of the other girls Danielle went on a run (nobody runs in Paris FYI we got such funny looks haha) but we ran past the Moulin Rouge and the most perfect Parisian bakeries.

ernest leoty paris ernest leoty paris ernest leoty paris

After our run we had breakfast at Le Pigalle, and honestly I think it was the best damn croissant I have ever eaten – not flaky or airy, no think buttery squidgy croissant goodness with a side of salted butter – because when in Paris. We also got a coffee and a side of sliced avocado and mango with grated fresh ginger which is a game changer by the way. Avocado, mango and ginger – best flavour combination!!

ernest leoty paris

So next up we put the sportswear to the test with a reformer Pilates class. Paris isn’t exactly known for its fitness and health scene. It’s not like London with a new boutique fitness studio on every corner. SO Reformation Pilates, is pretty much one of the only reformer pilates studios in the whole of Paris (I mean don’t quote me on that I may be wrong!). The studio itself was BEAUTIFUL, down the most stunning terrace and the studio itself was stylish, covered in plants (my dream). With all the Pilates equipment you could ever need. If you are in Paris and like Pilates, definitely go check it out.

ernest leoty paris ernest leoty paris

OK OK the most important bit, the food.

So I have already told you all about the best croissant I have ever eaten (legit making me hungry writing this). But Paris for me is all about the food, now as someone who know longer eats meat and is trying to incorporate a more plant based lifestyle – I still eat fish and eggs but I try and have a few plant based days a week. Paris isn’t quite on the same hype as London. But damnnnnn the food is all so good. The bread and baked goods – I can’t even. So for me when I go to Paris its often planned purely around the food and where we are eating. I love nothing more than sitting in a beautiful little Parisian cafe with a load of locals. Glass of wine or coffee in hand, some nuts and olives maybe and some bread. Watching the world go by.

So the first night I got there we went to Chez Julian for dinner which was a very traditional little restaurant, which oozed with old school Paris glamour. Dark and candle lit you feel like you are in a time warp. The food is luxurious and rich – think caviar, tuna tartar, steak, creme brulee – these are the kind of things on the menu. I went for tuna tartare, with a main of sea bass in an almond crumb and whipped root vegetables with a side of fries. And some cocktails and it was divine.

ernest leoty paris

Then the next day we had lunch at Clover Grill, a fairly new modern little restaurant in Paris which ‘everyone is talking about’. So the restaurant is very modern and simple in design, it has an open kitchen so you can see the chefs prepare all the meals which I loved! The meal itself was stunning, the care and effort put into every course was so evident and the flavours just blew me away. It had traditional french flavours and ingredients done in a modern and light way. The meals didn’t feel heavy or too rich which was nice for Paris. Best bit about the whole meal (if I had to pick) was the fresh warm gooey cookie that came with my coffee at the end. But it was all delicious again highly recommend . A few of the girls went as far as saying it was the best meal they had ever eaten. Which is high praise indeed!!

ernest leoty paris ernest leoty paris

Last but not least I couldn’t not touch upon our trip to the libraries of Bibliotheque des Arts Decoratifs. The amazing ladies at Ernest Leoty had arranged a private room for us where we learnt about the history of corsets and Ernest Leoty himself. We got to look at the original corset sketches and designs and it was incredible to learn more behind the inspiration and brand.

It was such a fleeting visit but that’s whats so fantastic about Paris, hop on a eurostar from Kings Cross, a few hours later you are in Paris and what feels like a whole other world. It’s a pretty painless journey (easier to get to than my parents house in the UK!). Thanks Ernest Leoty and Scotts ideas for arranging such a wonderful trip and reminding me why I love Paris so damn much.

Check out Ernest Leoty here and their tres cool Instagram page is here

Then if you ever want to book a trip I really recommend checking out Le Pigalle Hotel.

ernest leoty paris


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