Countryside Escapes and Beautiful Skincare

balance me beauty

So just the other week, myself and a few other blogger babes popped down to Cornwall for a few days of countryside bliss with the lovely ladies at Balance Me Beauty. Hands down one of the loveliest few days/trips I have had in a long time. After a stressful few weeks a wind down and some major greenery was much appreciated and needed.

Now when I said to people I was heading to Cornwall for a few days, not everyone shared my excitement haha. It’s no Ibiza or Italy granted but Cornwall is honestly one of the most beautiful places ever, the coast and beaches are just INSANE. I think helped by the fact we struck absolute gold with the weather and had beautiful sunshine for most of our trip.

I feel like the last few months I have explored the UK and done a fair few weekends away which have been a touch closer to home than usual. I have loved these trips just as much if not more than some of my further afield adventures. The UK is just so damn underrated and I have loved exploring what it has to offer. Especially Cornwall….in the sun. I probably wouldn’t be quite so positive if it had rained the whole time…let’s be honest #sunbaby.

So on the subject of UK adventures when Balance Me Beauty approached me and my girl Lottie Murphy for a few days switching off, yoga, surfing and a few facial thrown in there and a chance to try their beautiful products I naturally jumped at the chance! Like if that doesn’t sound like a dreamy few days I don’t know what does.

So I need to take a minute to introduce y’all to my new found skincare obsession. It’s been a few weeks since I came back from Cornwall and I have used their products RELIGIOUSLY ever since. One because the owners literally glowed and had the best skin I have ever seen, if that’s not the best advertisement for skincare I don’t know what is. Secondly I know I have mentioned it a few times before but girls not getting any younger. I need to take my skincare regime seriously, and by so I mean stick to one set of products which I know and love and get a routine and stick to it. So I can actually see a difference in my skin. So that’s what I have done, and my skin has actually never felt better no to mention the products themselves are super natural and use naturally active solutions to bring the skin back to balance. Before I go to bed I use the micellar water to take my makeup off then the face balm to fully cleanse. Then I give my face a spritz with the hyaluronic plumping mist. I use the wonder eye cream and then the radiance oil and then the face cream. Then in the morning a similar routine minus the balm and the oil. Sounds like a bit of an effort but I have really seen a difference in my skin.

This post is turning into an essay (MY BAD) but skincare is something that I have a new found love for. My skins been a little all over the place the last 6 months, I think down to lack of sleep, stress and hormones. I am working on all the above as realise I need to tackle this from the inside and the outside amiright?!! But it was great to speak to the balance me ladies who had such a great knowledge of skin and beautiful natural products.

So I have linked the products below which I have been using and obsessed with. We were in Cornwall itself for the Hyaluronic Plumping mist which was the perfect mist for making my skin feel moisturised and plumped all in one.

Hyaluronic Plumping Mist

Cleanse and smooth face balm

Micellar Water

Wonder Eye Cream 

Radiance Oil

Restore and Replenish face cream 

balance me beauty

Now I have to mention the beautiful CK Rock where we stayed, honestly the loveliest spot ever. It’s the perfect luxury seaside retreat, two cottages tucked away in Rock Cornwall with stunning interiors. Think countryside living/soho farmhouse/ the countryside escape of dreams vibe.

The whole few days were a blur of lovely company, delicious food, countryside runs, yoga, beach, surfing and pure bliss. I switched off and came back more balanced and content which is exactly what I needed. Cornwall blew me away once again with it’s utter beauty and I urge you to take a trip down there for a long weekend. We flew so it was only an hours flight….so you can no longer use the journey as an excuse right?!

I’ll let the rest of the photos do the talking about just how beautiful and idillic it was. I am sure you will get the picture.

Thank you Balance Me Beauty, CK Rock and Cornwall for being so beautiful and calm which is what I needed most.

balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty balance me beauty


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