Here’s to another four years…

Nike Epic React trainers

What is it about new shoes and new kit that makes you just want to get out and workout? Well that’s been me, I fell head over heels in love with my new Nike Reacts…I mean just look at them. They are still the bounciest trainer ever, literally marshmallows on my feet. I have laced up my new trainers a lot recently – even shocked myself and ran twice last week. By myself? Hello motivation. Maybe it’s the marshmallows….always helps when your bouncing through your run right?

Nike Epic React trainers

I also have been travelling a lot recently, making it hard to go to the gym regularly and have a routine with classes which I like to do in London. So it kinda throws my fitness routine out of the window. So the best way for me to keep fit is to pack my trainers and go on a run everywhere I go. I actually love running when I am away as it offers me a new opportunity to explore a new area, you see so much of a new country/city if you just lace up your trainers and go on a little explore. So latest goal – always pack trainers when I am travelling so I can run wherever I am in the world.

So if you guys remember from my last running blog post  ‘Running For Me and My New Running Goals’ had a few long term ‘forever’ running goals. But my specific goal was to run 10k to celebrate my 4 years of running, which began with Nike in Paris. So I booked a 10k running event and (forced) my housemate into signing up as well.

Nike Epic React trainers

In the run up to the 10k I started upping my distances so instead of 4-5k runs weekly. I started running twice a week. One shorter 5-6k run then a longer run around 7-8k. I never thought that I was a regular ‘7k’ runner. But I realised a lot of it was actually in my mind. It sounded long so I thought I couldn’t do it, but when I ran for the love of running then I hit 8k easily.

So the day of the 10k event sadly life just happened, I was working in an office (I do consultancy one day a week in an agency in case you didn’t know!) and a big pitch was coming up and we were all working flat out and I couldn’t get out the office in time. I was gutted!!! But that’s the thing with life right, sometimes shit happens and your plans go out the window. So although I was gutted I decided that a 10k was still a 10k so the next day I went out and ran 10k. I didn’t get a medal (Sadly!) and I ran by myself with a podcast. But I loved the run, it flew by…I think my regular longer runs had prepped me well. I didn’t even get bored at any point (short attention span when running!) think my desert island disc podcast helped a lot.

Nike Epic React trainers

Its never been about medals and ‘events’ for me. I wanted to run 10k for me, to celebrate my four year running anniversary so that’s exactly what I did. Just instead of the planned event I just ran 10k on my own grounds.

For me my goal was to run the 10k and do the whole thing with a positive mindset, I want to enjoy the run. And I did, so I would say I achieved that goal I set myself.

Here’s to a life long running relationship, here’s to running being my go to stress reliever, my free therapist, my big life decision maker, the thing that’s probably helped me with my relationship with my body the most. Running hasn’t always been fun, some runs I literally hate after about 10 mins. Sometimes I go for weeks without running and its hard to get back on the wagon. It’s like any relationship, it takes work, some days are great and the feeling after a great run is euphoric and then other days its pretty crappy and you fall off the wagon. But you work at it regularly and you get through the bumps right?

Nike Epic React trainers

So I may not of done a ‘running event’, but I still hit my personal target of running 10k, which I was pretty pleased about. I upped my regular running distance, I stepped out of my comfort zone.

Now what’s next? I think I will keep running regularly but its been nice to challenge myself and push myself. Maybe a half marathon? Maybe just run 10k regularly, Who knows? But I don’t think running is going anywhere for me. Here’s to another 4 years….

This post is in collaboration with Nike but all thoughts and views are my own. Shop my full outfit below. Photos by OllieB.

Nike Epic React trainers Nike Epic React trainers Nike Epic React trainers
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