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Natalie Glaze

*This post includes a link to a blog post that was a paid partnership with Virgin Care Private.

With my birthday around the corner I have been thinking about what I want my 26th year to include. What am I going to do for me this year.

So, if I look back at my last year it has been pretty incredible, I have travelled so much, been to places I had only dreamed of and worked with amazing brands. It all seemed like a blur, the craziness of life sometimes just sweeps you along, right? Last year was definitely that year, it was a crazy whirlwind and I enjoyed the ride, the ups and downs. The learning curves, the mistakes and the adventures. But now it’s time for me to pause and reflect and think about what I want my year ahead to look like.

Yes, last year was amazing but this is the year I step back and breathe, allow myself to slow down. This is the year my mindset is now a priority and my calm times are just as important. I recently worked with Virgin Care Private on their Wellness Guide for the launch of their new Birmingham health and wellbeing clinic. As part of this project, they asked me to come up with some promises I am making to myself for the new year, focusing on my wellness, balance, and happiness. I also got to share a day in the life diary, which is a little sneak peek a day in the life of someone who juggles many jobs, where no two days are the same, and how I try and prioritise a happy healthy balance. You can read my “day in the life” diary here.

Yes, I want my 26th year to be filled with travel and adventure. But I also want to focus on prioritising my happiness – and that means finding the balance in life. So, these are my promises to myself, my birthday present – from me to me.

  1. Doing more things with people who make me forget to look at my phone. We can all get to wrapped up in our world online, this year I am going to take more time away from my screen and spend more time enjoying the moment.
  2. Do more things that make me happy like drink tea, call my mum, swim in the sea, and buy more plants.
  3. Get outside in nature – hike, walk, explore more. Nothing makes me feel better than fresh air and getting outdoors. #doratheexplorer vibes.
  4. Look up more because the sky and buildings are beautiful. We don’t spend enough time looking up and appreciating the views.
  5. See more sunsets because they are the most calming thing in the world.
  6. Move and workout for the love of movement and because it’s great for my mind. I talk about movement in my day in the life piece for Virgin Wellness and how important it is in my day to day life. (link HERE).
  7. Pick up more books I have been promising myself I would read. Get lost in the adventures and stories that are books.
  8. Regular breaks from my phone and social media to help me switch off from the hecticness of life. I find taking regular breaks is good for my mental clarity and overall wellbeing. For me it’s all about creating a balance that works for me.
  9. Making time for me time and self-care – bubble baths, yoga classes, nights in with a book, facemasks with a candle. Switch off and just be.
  10. Make time for my friends and family to create a good work life balance. Even when life seems very busy it’s always important to me to make time for my family and friends.
  11. Say no to things… you can’t go to every event. It’s ok to say no to socialising or work events for a night in with your friends or loved ones. That’s just as, if not more, important.
  12. Recognise and understand when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and take a break. Meditate. Your mental health is a priority.
  13. Eat all the greens – it makes you feel great, you know it does. Greens give you energy and all the vitamins and minerals you need to live life to the fullest.
  14. But also eat chocolate as you love it and gotta do what makes you happy as I am all about that #balance.

Here’s to 26, may it be the best yet.

This blog post is written in collaboration with Virgin Care Private, but all views and opinions are my own.



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