Understanding My Body

natalie glaze natural cycles

The more we understand our bodies and cycles the better right? An area not often discussed, but after opening up the discussion on my Instagram about my PCOS and many issues with hormones I have spoken to so many women and girls who are suffering with similar issues.

My body has always seemed to be a mystery to me, its crazy how we can live in our own bodies for so many years (26 to be precise) and still have no real understanding of them. I am talking from personal experience but I have always felt a bit like my body was a mystery. I didn’t understand why it reacted in certain ways to things, why it was so sensitive. As you get older I find you want to be at peace with your body right? I love it, I admire it, I am thankful for where it has got me. For being strong, capable, taking me from A to B and helping me through life.

natalie glaze natural cycles

So after years of having issues with my cycle, having PCOS, my hormones being out of balance and not being able to use ‘hormonal’ contraceptive such as the Pill etc. I decided to try and get to know my body a bit better as my thoughts are the more I know, the more I try and understand the more I can help myself and create an even, balanced kind relationship with my body.

So this is where Natural Cycles comes in,I have been using Natural Cycles since December, I decided my main purpose for using it was to understand my body like I mentioned but in a natural way. My honest thoughts are I love how much I have learnt about my cycle, I have been able to track it, get to know my temperature and how it varies and even make extra notes to help me understand how I was feeling around the different times in my cycle.

So how does Natural Cycles work?

Well there is an app and a thermometer, you enter all your information in the app and then each morning take your temperature using the thermometer. Then you enter this information into your app. Then the app informs you if you are red (use protection) or green (not fertile) that day.

The habit of measuring your temperature requires discipline but settles quickly, and then it becomes as routine as turning off your alarm in the morning. I quite enjoy having it as part of my morning routine. Each morning my alarm goes off, I reach over (press snooze obvs) take my temperature enter it into the app and boom start my day.

natalie glaze natural cycles natalie glaze natural cycles

How did it work for me?

My honest thoughts:

  • A great tool for understanding your body better, something I have been trying to do for so long.
  • A great way to track your cycle and temperature.
  • I loved the app and how much information it had in it, I felt like I had analytics and data into my own body.
  • A great natural form of contraception – no extra hormones which is amazing for people like me who can’t go on the pill etc. However, like with all things nothing is 100%, so you have to be very careful and the app advises to use extra protection on those red days. The app reminds you and shows when to use protection, and they recommend condoms – which are my choice. It gives you a good understanding of when you are and aren’t fertile within the month which I found very useful.
  • You have to be vigilant with measuring your temperature in the mornings – easy if you have a good routine and harder when travelling and your routine is out of whack.

To find out more about Natural Cycles and whether its the right choice for you head over to their website here.

This blog post is a paid for collaboration between me and Natural Cycles but all views are my own.

natalie glaze natural cycles natalie glaze natural cycles natalie glaze natural cycles

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