Working Out & Fuelling My Body

pre workout snacks


Working out for me is an essential part of my routine and life. I love exercise as its what helps me switch off. I move for my mind.Exercise is not for ‘aesthetics’ for me anymore its what makes me feel good. I go to the gym or class, I get into my bubble and don’t think about anything. The perfect switch off time.

To get the most out my sessions I have to fuel my body correctly, this means I have the energy to have a great workout.

In the morning I workout on an empty stomach, as its often a roll out of bed straight to the gym. But if I am working out in the afternoon or evening I always have a pre workout snack and coffee (if its before 3.30 otherwise your girl won’t sleep!!).

The best pre workout snacks are ones that give you energy but are also still light and small as I never want to feel super full either….anyone tried running on a full stomach, the worst!

pre workout snacks

So here are a few pre workout snack ideas I love:

Nairns Gluten Free Super Seeded Oatcakes are the perfect size for a small snack.  Each box contains 4 handy pouches of 5 oatcakes making them perfect for popping in my gym bag ready for an on the go, quick and easy healthy snack.

Each oatcake is packed full of wholegrain, gluten free oats and delicious flax, sunflower and chia seeds giving them a delicious crunch! And there’s more! The omega 3-rich seeds go one step further in helping fuel my work out, as omega 3 can help support muscle growth and repair. The wholegrain oats are also naturally energising and help keep me feeling fuller for longer.

I also love the fact that the oatcakes are made from simple and natural ingredients, with no added nasties or preservatives, so I know exactly what I’m eating.

They really are a perfect snack for pre or post gym.   Plus, they’re just so damn tasty!

I top them with a variety of delicious toppings and boom workout ready.

The perfect Nairns Oatcakes toppings are:

  1. Peanut butter
  2. Peanut butter and a teaspoon of jam – hello peanut butter jelly flavours
  3. Almond/Peanut butter with sliced banana – my personal favourite
  4. Smashed avocado and chilli
  5. Hummus
  6. Avocado topping with flaked smoked salmon

All super quick and easy and most importantly tasty and give me the energy I need to  fuel my workout.

pre workout snacks

Talking of workouts, you guys know I love a class….so I thought I would share my top 3 workout classes in London.

  1. F45 Tottenham Court Road– addictive, amazing atmosphere, fun and great people and the workout are different every day and I have never pushed myself as hard as when I am in a F45 TCR class.
  2. Kobox – I love boxing, this class makes working out so fun and the time flies. You feel like a powerhouse as there is nothing as satisfying as punching the hell out of a bag. Trust me.
  3. Studio Lagree – I hadn’t been to a Lagree class in ages and I went back just the other weekend and wow. I had forgotten how much it burned. The movements are fairly small and all done on a megaformer (pretty much a reformer) but you push your body so much and workout muscles you didn’t even know you had.

So there are my top 3 classes, perfect to head to once you have fuelled up on my pre gym snacks eyy!

This post is in collaboration with Nairns Oatcakes but all views are my own :)

pre workout snackspre workout snacks pre workout snacks pre workout snackspre workout snacks

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