Not a Natural Runner? Nor Am I and Here are My Tips…

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I have what you would call a love hate relationship with running. I hold my hands up and admit that I am not the most natural runner, I envy those who can just go out and run for such long distances without it feeling like the biggest battle in the world. Like my housemate for example who just fancies a little jog, goes out runs a 10/15k minimum no problem (like HOW?!).

Yet that said I still persevere, why? Well although some days I hate it, there are days when I really enjoy running. For me when I head back to my parents in the countryside for a weekend away from the city I love running through the countryside lanes surrounded by fields switching off to the world. Its the best way to de-stress and switch off. Now many of you may be lucky enough to be natural runners, but some of you may be like me and it just doesn’t come easy…so I thought I would share a few tips which make running for me for enjoyable :)

  • Breathe – I never used to understand the importance of breathing when running, or exercising in general in fact. Now I really notice the difference when I breathe properly and regularly. By flooding my body and muscles with oxygen I find I can run for longer. Sounds simple right but so often we don’t breathe properly!
  • Warm up and stretch – again all simple little things which sound obvious but I am so bad for not warming up and cooling my body down properly. I used to get so many small injuries purely through not warming up and cooling down. I also make time for a yoga and Pilates session once a week so I stretch out my muscles properly which I find is great for injury prevention.

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  • Listen to a good running playlist – nothing makes a run more enjoyable than a good running playlist. There are always those few songs which motivate you to run a little faster or go that extra mile right? And don’t worry I won’t judge if its Justin Bieber or One Direction….we all have that guilty pleasure workout playlist!?
  • Have a great pair of headphones – now for me when I run, headphones are important. You want good quality sound and I find that my countryside runs are a lot easier with wireless headphones. I am currently using the Avanca Wireless Sports Headphones for my runs which mean no tangled headphones wires I spend ages untangling before my run. Winning! Also I love the neon yellow ones, they aren’t the slickest headphones in the world but they are they rain and sweat proof but the sound quality is great (even better for playing Justin Bieber on haha)


  • Just get out there and do it – whatever the distance or the goal the most important bit I find is just getting out there and doing the run. The hardest bit is starting and motivating yourself but even if you aren’t a natural runner like me the post running feeling is always so good that it makes it so worth it.

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