House of Fit in Marrakech with FitBit UK

Fitbit Morocco trip

Fitbit inflatable

Moroccan sunshine…..Beautiful Villa…Delicious food and nutritionist on hand….Fitness and yoga every day….Great team.

Check, check CHECK.

What a dreamy combination am I right? Well that was the exact recipe for the #HouseofFit retreat in Marrakech I recently attended with Fitbit UK. The retreat was based around their heart rate range and there was daily yoga, HIIT sessions, hiking, exploring and plenty of eating. Just how I like it. Not only that but the amazing Olympic Athlete Becky James and nutritionist Rob Hobson was there to answer our every fitness, training and nutrition question. Rob Hobson is the co author of The Detox Kitchen bible which is one of my favourite cookbooks and he whipped us up such a delicious feast on one of the nights…..the man CAN COOK!!!

I have never really used a heart rate monitor before so was very intrigued to see how they worked, and of course put them into action over the course of our stay. Now I am a bit of a sucker for cool technology and I literally loved learning about the Fitbit heart rate range, it was fascinating to see your heart rate at different stages of the day, from doing a HIIT workout to sunbathing to yoga. The bit which fascinated me most was actually the sleep, you wear the Fitbit over night and it tracks your sleep. So how many hours, the different stages of your sleep (deep, light, REM) if you woke up at night etc. I have struggled with sleep for years now so it was so interesting to see the different stages of my sleep….I am slightly addicted and the Fitbit app is the first thing I check most mornings now.

It was also crazy to see the difference coffee and alcohol made to my heart rate, after a glass of wine my heart rate went through the roof….you don’t really think of the difference this makes but it definitely made me more aware (I mean I am still going to drink wine regularly let’s be honest #balance)

I think what has always put me off heart rate monitors is the look of them, I don’t want anything chunky around my wrist thank you very much. However the Fitbit range has some really cool and sleek options (see here) if you are like me and want something a little prettier for your wrists. I love the rose gold bracelet options they are beaut!

Below are some snapshots of our time in Morocco…I am writing this sat in London and it’s grey and gloomy outside. So I mean I have a serious case of Wanderlust.

Enjoy x

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